21 rose mix in a hat box photo
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21 rose mix in a hat box

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Brand: BuketLand
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Height: 25 сm
Width: 20 сm
Шляпная коробка 20×18 - 1 cl. ; Red rose Grand Prix 60 cm - 10 cl. ; White Rose Avalanche 60 cm - 11 cl. ;
21 rose mix in a hat box

And again one of the favorite mixes of our regular customers in a bouquet of roses - a rich scarlet and delicate white - is now presented in a hat box. The combination of fire and water, passion and tenderness, incredible taste and style in one composition - all this characterizes this bouquet of 21 roses. Do you want to impress and remember? Then choose such a composition and go bravely to conquer any woman's heart! With such a beautiful bouquet in the hat box, no one can resist! We guarantee that the delivery will be carried out on time and to the specified place, so even on the most important day - BuketLand will be close. (rose, roses)

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