39 pink roses spray 60 cm photo
35 cm
60 сm
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39 pink roses spray 60 cm

Product Code: 020057
Brand: BuketLand
2013 грн
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Height: 60 сm
Width: 35 cm
Pink rose spray 60 cm - 39 cl. ;
39 pink roses spray 60 cm

Bouquet of 39 pink roses spray. Roses spray is one of the most popular types of roses in our time. One-legged large bud roses are already boring for some of our ladies, and their soul desires something new. A perfect solution for these girls will be a bouquet of rose roses spray. Its difference from standard roses in size and number of buds. On one branch is placed from 4 to 10 small roses, which for a long time after giving the girl will be dismissed. For true lovers of rose spray, we suggest you familiarize yourself with a bouquet of 101 roses spray. (rose, roses)

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