51 rose mix 1 in a hat box photo
30 сm
40 cm

51 rose mix 1 in a hat box

Product Code: 040020
Brand: BuketLand
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Height: 40 cm
Width: 30 сm
Red rose Grand Prix 60 cm - 12 cl. ; White Rose Avalanche 60 cm - 13 cl. ; Yellow rose Penny Lane 60 cm - 13 cl. ; Coral Rose Wow 60 cm - 13 cl. ; Шляпная коробка 30×20 - 1 cl. ;
51 rose mix 1 in a hat box

For more creative people, we recommend choosing bouquets of a non-monochrome color, and a mix of different shades. For example, this bouquet of 51 roses in a hat box looks very interesting and beautiful. Such a composition can be freely given to a beloved girl, or to close friends or co-workers. If you want to impress and remember - then the bouquets in the hat boxes are just for you! Make an order for such a bouquet on our website and after 5 hours, you can get it. At the same time, we remind that the delivery in Kiev is absolutely free for us! (rose, roses)

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