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Author's bouquets

The original bouquet can be the most successful and most memorable gift that will bring a lot of positive emotions. If you want to find something really original, unusual, completely corresponding to the taste of the recipient, then buy the author's bouquet in Kiev - an excellent solution to such a difficult task.

What it is

This type of bouquets is characterized by uniqueness and originality, since the compositions are made individually. Florist often takes into account the wishes of the buyer or is guided by his own taste and the latest fashion trends. Therefore, to find exactly the same combination is almost impossible, which is very important for any gift.

Author bouquets in Kiev can be purchased in both exotic and more classic versions. A huge selection of colors that can be used is one of the advantages. These are rare specimens of exotic plants, and various field species, even herbs. Supplements in the form of fluffy cotton, large green leaves make such a bouquet unusual.

It is not necessary to have a large budget to make such a pleasant surprise: Kiev offers designer bouquets at very competitive prices. Moreover, the composition does not have to be too big. A miniature bouquet made of bright colors, will look no less attractive.

Execution options

Knowing what an author's bouquet is, everyone can choose a unique composition according to their own numerous requirements. There are a lot of design options, and among them the most demanded are:

  • traditional spherical shape;
  • original box;
  • unusual basket.

Bouquets in hat boxes have been at the peak of floristic fashion for several years now. Flowers of not too large size with short stems will delight with their freshness for a long time, and the box itself is very convenient both in terms of transportation and in terms of storage.

Basket - the best choice for a large and luxurious designer bouquet. In such a design, exotic flowers of a small size look especially advantageous. It is worth paying attention to the high author bouquets, in which flowers with long stems become the center of the composition. These can be delicate orchids, aristocratic callas, even Amaryllis, which many know as one of the most beautiful flowering houseplants.

Buying an author's bouquet is always a great opportunity to surprise a loved one and loved one by giving him the most favorite flowers in a completely new and unusual combination.

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