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Classic bouquets Kiev

Sale101 rose mix red and white 50 cm photo101 rose mix red and white 50 cm photo

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Sale51 rose mix red-white 50 cm photo51 rose mix red-white 50 cm photo

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101 red rose 50 cm photo101 red rose 50 cm photo

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21 white rose 50 cm photo21 white rose 50 cm photo

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11 white roses 50 cm photo11 white roses 50 cm photo

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101 red rose 60 cm photo101 red rose 60 cm photo

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Classic bouquets

A bouquet is a traditional gift that will always help out the giver and at the same time will be desired and will surely please the recipient. To opt for one of the hundreds of compositions is not easy, a great solution in any situation would be classic bouquets in Kiev. They can be a great birthday gift, a surprise for no reason, and even a present to a colleague. Such compositions never go out of fashion.

The composition of the classic bouquet

The most familiar version of the bouquet is precisely its classic performance. The basic principle of its compilation is minimalism in terms of combination and even volume. As a rule, as the basis of the composition are used:

  • roses;
  • peonies;
  • chrysanthemums;
  • gerberas

Bouquets of this type are decorated with a small amount of greenery, but other decorative elements are used very rarely, because they do not consist of distracting attention from a quality, beautiful flower.

You can buy classic bouquets of roses in Kiev at an attractive price, but this is not their only advantage. They are truly universal and can be a great gift for both men and women of any age. Natural shades are preferable in this case: burgundy, tea, pale pink, whites always look good in simple compositions.

New Trends

At the peak of popularity of classic songs in the most simple version. These are so-called mono-bouquets. One type of flowers without any additional decor, in a single version in terms of shade. To make the bouquet look gorgeous, you should give preference to quality flowers. For example, long roses with a stem of 60 or 80 centimeters look particularly impressive. Large buds always look advantageous, they are characteristic of the Dutch and Ecuadorian varieties.

Classic bouquets look unusual in which flowers of the same color but different shades are combined. Pale pink buds, rich fuchsia, almost red flowers create an unusual effect. In this case, the design should be as simple as possible: craft paper, satin ribbon and nothing superfluous.

An unusual gift can be a classic bouquet of unusual color. For example, orange roses with a gentle color transition on the petals look very bright. Delicate lilac shades are perfect for a gift for a young girl, they are good in combination with traditional white flowers.

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