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Bouquets of roses with delivery in Kiev

SaleBouquet of 11 peony spray roses photoBouquet of 11 peony spray roses photo
Bouquet of 11 peony spray roses

1375 грн 1675 грн

SaleBouquet of 5 peony spray roses photoBouquet of 5 peony spray roses photo
Bouquet of 5 peony spray roses

750 грн 975 грн

51 Roses Miss Piggy photo51 Roses Miss Piggy photo
51 Roses Miss Piggy

1640 грн

41 roses Miss Piggy photo41 roses Miss Piggy photo
41 roses Miss Piggy

1340 грн

51 roses Aqua photo51 roses Aqua photo
51 roses Aqua

1742 грн

41 roses Aqua photo41 roses Aqua photo
41 roses Aqua

1422 грн

51 roses Jumilia photo51 roses Jumilia photo
51 roses Jumilia

1742 грн

51 roses Peach Avalanche photo51 roses Peach Avalanche photo
51 roses Peach Avalanche

2099 грн

41 rose Jumilia photo41 rose Jumilia photo
41 rose Jumilia

1422 грн

41 rose Peach Avalanche photo41 rose Peach Avalanche photo
41 rose Peach Avalanche

1709 грн

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Mono-bouquets of roses

Roses - the most beautiful flowers in the world. Everyone loves them. Appearance they have a royal, proud head. Impregnable beauty, try to touch and push on sharp thorns. Although now there are varieties that do not have them.

It is said that this flower lives on earth for more than 30 million years. Not long ago, evidence was found in the form of rose fossils, which lead the story 50 million years ago. Rose cultivated 5 thousand years ago, and in the world there are about 25 thousand varieties of this wonderful flower.

This flower served for different purposes. Essential oils were extracted from it, which had a special value and healing properties. It was she who was the first flower that was used for the extraction of oil. It happened in Persia in the 10th century AD. People have discovered that the wonderful, noble scent of this flower helps healing processes. They tried to grow roses near the hospitals. Then these oils began to be applied in the field of cosmetology and perfumery.

How to give and where to buy roses

If you want to confess to a girl for the first time in love, then you don’t even need words. You can give her a gorgeous bouquet of scarlet roses. The most beloved flower for everyone - the rose Kiev offers it cheaply in the face of our store BuketLand.

Kiev offers to buy roses in different stores, but ours offers you the freshest flowers, a large number of species, flowers, decorations and delivery to the bargain. You can place your order directly on the site, and the store’s employees implement it as soon as possible. If you need a low price for a rose, Kiev will again point to our store. You can choose cheap varieties or the minimum number of flowers in a bouquet. If the value does not matter to you, and you really love your woman, please her once with a bouquet of 101 roses. It will be a real surprise and happiness for her, because every woman wants to get such a gift.

You can buy a bouquet of roses in Kiev in a few clicks. It is better to do this on the site, where the entire huge range of products. Ordinary stores will not be able to put all the goods on display, because the flowers will not find a buyer in the end and will wither. Tens and hundreds, or maybe thousands of bouquets may not find a buyer in one day. We pick flowers just before shipping. The whole process is thought out and organized, and thanks to the numerous employees of the store, the client receives the most recent bouquet that can only be from the store. These flowers can stand for a long time in the water with proper care for them. A bouquet of roses to buy Kiev offers in various design solutions. In our store you can buy options in the basket, and then you will not have to take care of them at all. Is that pour some water on the sponge, as the water from there can evaporate, especially in the hot season.

Delivery of roses by courier

Delivery of roses to Kiev is carried out by couriers. A beautifully dressed man in a beautiful car will bring a bouquet of the lady of your heart straight to the door. If you are a creative person, you can think of how the courier should hand this bouquet.

You can buy a rose with delivery to Kiev if you want to make a surprise or you cannot present a bouquet yourself. Or maybe you are just getting acquainted and do not want to be intrusive. A bouquet of roses delivery to Kiev will bring exactly to the specified address and at the right time. You will not need to worry about anything, just submit an application on the website or call our manager. And consider that everything has already been done. Buy a cheap rose in Kiev, beautifully arrange it and send to your beloved woman now it's easier than ever !!!