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Flowers in the form of heart

Why you should buy a heart of roses in Kiev: features and benefits
Buying a bouquet for a loved one is a crucial task. It is necessary to take into account the tastes, and meet the budget, and find something interesting and original. A good option is a heart of flowers, Kiev is a great place to buy such a unique bouquet. The composition in such an unusual form has its own characteristics and undeniable advantages that should be taken into account.

How it's done

It is possible to buy a heart from roses in Kiev without much difficulty, however, not all florist shops and salons offer such compositions. Their performance requires a certain level of skill. A bouquet is made in a hat box, which can be a classic oval, round, or a special shape that allows you to accurately form the structure of the bouquet itself. The plants themselves are inserted into a special sponge moistened with water and nutrient composition. Therefore, Kiev offers a bouquet in the shape of a heart in a variety of designs, it will last even longer than ordinary flowers. Reliable fixation in the base allows you to transfer the composition without risk.


For those who want to order a bouquet in the form of a heart, Kiev will be a great place to buy. Properly selected composition is distinguished, above all, by originality. Despite the fact that such bouquets appeared on the floristic market for quite a long time, still few shops offer them, moreover, not every girl received such a gift. Therefore, this choice will be appreciated.

Do not forget that at the peak of popularity today it is flowers in the form of the heart, Kiev is not far behind the general fashion. Such gifts appear regularly in the accounts of the most popular bloggers, so the girl will certainly appreciate such a gift.

Another advantage is practicality. Kiev provides an order for a bouquet in the form of a heart to everyone who wishes, for the following reasons:

  • no need for a vase;
  • bouquet is easy to carry and transport;
  • The box will be a pleasant souvenir.

A beautiful box will be an aesthetic addition. It does not need to worry about what kind of packaging materials like the recipient. The finished solution looks no less stylish.

Special features

The composition in the shape of a heart can be both miniature and large. In the second case, it is worth remembering that both the packaging and the flowers themselves will have a sufficiently large weight, so the best option would be to deliver the bouquet heart, Kiev is a dynamic city, therefore it is worth considering the possibility of delivery during the day and even at night, and early in the morning. In this case, the recipient does not have to carry a bouquet, which is much more convenient.

Flowers in the shape of a heart Kiev gives you the opportunity to buy at a bargain price, but you should be prepared for the fact that such an exclusive composition will cost more than the usual bouquet. In addition, it is better to place an order for a particular composition in advance; in this case, the gift will be ready exactly on time.

The right choice of colors

You can use absolutely any flowers, but preference should be given to small buds with a soft form, they are much better emphasized the unusual shape. Good choices are:

  • roses;
  • miniature peonies;
  • tulips;
  • chrysanthemums;
  • alstroemeria.

If you just need a bouquet of hearts from roses, Kiev will offer a lot of options. This large buds and mini-flowers. To make a bouquet of hearts as lush as possible, it is worthwhile to combine flowers of various sizes. In this case, there will be no ugly voids. The original version is the addition of classic roses with exotic flowers, such as orchids, for example.

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