Bouquet of fruits and flowers "Present" | size S photo
25 сm
45 сm

Bouquet of fruits and flowers "Present" | size S

Product Code: 030067
Brand: BuketLand
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Height: 45 сm
Width: 25 сm
Bouquet of fruits and flowers "Present" | size S

It would seem that a bouquet of fruits and flowers is very difficult to make elegant, because the fruit is always bulky and the colors they do not quite suitable. But the composition "Present", which offers you the delivery of flowers BuketLand, unambiguously refutes such a statement. Stylish and gentle, it looks very elegant, wrapped in an interesting wrapping paper with a print. In the bouquet, elegant white flowers, neat greens of rich color, as well as a whole selection of exotic fruits: pear, several citrus, apple and kiwi have found their place. All of them look surprisingly harmonious, that's why the bouquet does not cause dissonance, as it happens with many similar compositions from less skilled designers.

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