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Bouquet of flowers "Summer"

Product Code: 030031
Brand: BuketLand
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Height: 60 сm
Width: 25 сm
Chrysanthemum in assortment - 1 cl. ; Hypericum in assortment - 1 cl. ; Sunflower - 3 cl. ; Red rose Grand Prix 60 cm - 5 cl. ; Greenery - 1 cl. ;
Bouquet of flowers "Summer"

Bright and rich bouquet of flowers "Summer" refers to the author's creations. The florist decided to take as a basis the symbol of the warm season - sunflower. Small, but very bright inflorescences are supplemented with red roses of Grand prix, hiperikumom and chrysanthemums. All of them form a bouquet, which not only symbolizes the summer, but becomes its manifestation. Such a gift will be in place in good weather and in bad weather: in the rain, it will add to the life of bright shades and blossom all around with its simple, but very contagious beauty. You can order a bouquet "Summer" on the website of BuketLand. Our flower delivery will bring the purchase either on the same day, or by the specified date to any address in Kiev.

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