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Bouquets from Alstroemeria with Delivery in Kiev

Alstroemeria in assortment photoAlstroemeria in assortment photo
Alstroemeria in assortment

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101 alstroemeria mix photo101 alstroemeria mix photo
101 alstroemeria mix

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39 alstroemeria mix

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55 alstroemeria mix photo55 alstroemeria mix photo
55 alstroemeria mix

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31 alstroemeria mix photo31 alstroemeria mix photo
31 alstroemeria mix

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21 alstroemeria mix photo21 alstroemeria mix photo
21 alstroemeria mix

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15 alstroemeria mix

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75 alstroemerias mix photo75 alstroemerias mix photo
75 alstroemerias mix

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49 alstroemerias mix photo49 alstroemerias mix photo
49 alstroemerias mix

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25 alstroemerias mix photo25 alstroemerias mix photo
25 alstroemerias mix

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Bouquet of flowers "Cosmopolitan" photoBouquet of flowers "Cosmopolitan" photo
Bouquet of flowers "Cosmopolitan"

2021 грн

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Buy Alstroemerias with delivery to Kiev from Buketland

Buy alstroemeria in Kiev at a relatively low price can be in the summer months. This season is the most comfortable for growing alstroemeria in Ukraine. We support a fresh assortment of alstroemerias all year round, thanks to imports from Holland. That is why we accept the order for delivery of alstroemeria in Kiev any day.

Alstroemeria - a flower-riddle

Alstroemeria is indeed considered a very surprising and mysterious flower. Its exotic appearance is often compared to an orchid or lily. Its second name among the people is the "Peruvian lily". The word "Peruvian" comes from the name of the birthplace of alstroemeria - the city of Peru. Their discoverer - Swede Klas Alstroemer - first saw these extraordinary flowers in the jungle and was amazed. As it turned out, to grow these flowers in Europe was also absolutely real and later they gained universal popularity. Even small frost these flowers are tolerated with ease.

It should be noted that this flower has its own special charm, it is able to attract glances and leave a deep imprint in memory. After seeing the alstroemeria for once in your life, you can fall in love with them once and for all.

Surprisingly, this flower has absolutely no flavor. Therefore, it becomes an ideal choice for those who suffer from allergies to flower pollen or are looking for a gift in the maternity hospital, because newborns should also avoid the sharp aromas of flowers. Alstromeria enjoys advantages among other colors thanks to the fact that it can be easily presented to a colleague at work, friends and business partners. Alstroemerias are often chosen as decoration of the hall for solemn ceremonies or important events, and in a harmonious combination with roses, mermaids and eustoms of alstroemeria look great in the bridal bouquet of the bride. Here, by the way, it is appropriate to note that the gentle petals of this flower as nothing better will be combined with the bridal dress, adding to it even more tenderness and femininity.

What does alstroemeria mean?

The common meaning of this flower is treated as "sweet," "charming," "desired." Alstroemeria is often given not only to their beloved, but also to close friends as a sign of a warm and faithful friendship. To date, florists have learned to create such incredible compositions from this charming flower that, along with popular roses, chrysanthemums and lilies, they are able to conquer hearts and surprise with their appearance almost everyone. At a minimum, it is worth paying attention to the fact that it is the bouquet of alstroemerias that can keep a fresh look for a period of more than two weeks! After all, every day to admire the beautiful bright colors is not only pleasant, but also, as the scientific evidence shows, contributes to the increase in the level of vitality, mood and well-being of a woman.

Another well-known value of alstroemeria is considered to be purposefulness. It is because of this that a bouquet of these wonderful flowers is usually given to those girls who aspire to their goal and successfully reach it.

Bouquet of roses and alstromeries

Due to the fact that this flower has a variety of shades ranging from delicate pink and bright yellow to deep purple and rich red, combining them with other colors becomes an exciting and interesting task. Often, alstroemeria counts from three to seven flowers per stem. These flowers are also fond of us because they are quite easy to find throughout the year.

Alstromeria has very beautiful colors, delicate and transparent petals, spectacular brindle color. All this is very successfully combined in one bouquet, capable to amaze and win appreciation. The bouquet, collected from these flowers, turns out to be very large and magnificent, while it retains its lightness, and numerous tender buds become bright rays that warm even in the most gloomy weather. Raduyte dear to you and loved ones, give smiles and happiness, cause sincere emotions and gratitude, and bouquets of alstroemerias will be your best assistants for any event at any time of the year.