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5 amaryllis in assortment photo5 amaryllis in assortment photo
5 amaryllis in assortment

1605 грн

Bouquet of flowers "Cosmopolitan" photoBouquet of flowers "Cosmopolitan" photo
Bouquet of flowers "Cosmopolitan"

2021 грн

Bouquet "Only you" photoBouquet "Only you" photo
Bouquet "Only you"

2189 грн

Bouquet of flowers "Bright moments" photoBouquet of flowers "Bright moments" photo
Bouquet of flowers "Bright moments"

1480 грн

Flowers in the box "Sweets" photoFlowers in the box "Sweets" photo
Flowers in the box "Sweets"

1380 грн

Bouquet of flowers "Aphrodite" photoBouquet of flowers "Aphrodite" photo
Bouquet of flowers "Aphrodite"

3190 грн

Bouquet of flowers "Summer day" photoBouquet of flowers "Summer day" photo
Bouquet of flowers "Summer day"

1635 грн

Bouquet of flowers "French flavor" photoBouquet of flowers "French flavor" photo
Bouquet of flowers "French flavor"

1630 грн

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Amaryllis are amazingly beautiful flowers, they are admired, legends tell about them, they are called both “flower of heroes” and “embarrassed bride”. Such different associations are caused by representatives of the Amaryllis family of modern breeding, the whole managed to get flowers not only of unique color, but also of original form.
Buy a bouquet of Amaryllis in Kiev is easy on buketland.com.ua. On our pages you can find compositions created by professional florists, and the delivery service ensures prompt and careful transportation of fresh flowers.

Always original bouquet: Amaryllis

Breeders successfully cross hippeastrum with each other, get new, even more original varieties. If you wanted to prepare a pleasant surprise for your beloved one or choose a worthy composition for the hero of the day, search “Amaryllis Bouquet Buy Kiev” and go to the BuketLand page. Here, at any time of the year, there is a choice of magnificent varieties from which you can create completely unusual compositions - no one will remain indifferent at the sight of white-green, almost yellow, orange or all sorts of shades of red large inflorescence.
Bright flowers of this distillation plant give positive energy of success and well-being at any time of the year. We will always offer the option - Amaryllis Kiev is inexpensive - florists from such flowers collect a variety of compositions.

Flower arrangements with character

The Amaryllis family is constantly expanding - breeders continue to develop new varieties, look in the section “Hippeastrum in the assortment”, where flowers of all kinds of colors appear. Buy Amaryllis Kiev is a great idea for a spectacular gift timed to different events:
• at celebrations on the occasion of an anniversary or a significant date, a bouquet of large bright inflorescences always looks appropriate;
• majestic beauty, as well as a sign of health, joy and happiness, which are inherent in Hippeastrum, offer a huge field for creativity in the floral decoration of banquets and the creation of wedding bouquets;
• stylish compositions as a gift to a teacher, parents, leader, beloved - a unique combination of these fabulous flowers with suitable plants in style florists will offer each client.
Delivery of Amaryllis Kiev covers all: in any area at the time agreed with the customer, the selected bouquet is delivered in excellent condition.

Amaryllis and stars

Amaryllis belladonna bears the energy of the elements of Fire, which will be needed at any celebration, bustling fun. This “beautiful lady” is suitable for people, in the horoscope of which there is a tangible influence of stars from the constellations of Leo, Aries and Sagittarius, it gives them strength and inspiration, helps to restore energy. We offer people who were born under the sign of Aries to buy Amaryllis with delivery cues, they will give the impetus to the implementation of bold ideas and grandiose plans. A person - a representative of the sign of Libra - these flowers will help get rid of doubt and indecision. Unusual bell-shaped inflorescences will be able to pleasantly surprise inventive and witty Aquarius.

Bouquet of amaryllis delivery: a large selection of flowers, florist services and couriers in BuketLand

Buy Amaryllis cheap Kiev and other localities where we offer our services can by ordering online on the website, or by calling a BuketLand representative. In many Ukrainian cities on any given day it is easy to buy grown in local greenhouse complexes or imported exotic flowers. Choose compositions that include gippeastrum and amaryllis. We offer to ensure the correctness of the choice of these beautiful flowers, it is easy to compare the cost of exquisite bouquets of them and the price of other popular flowers. The result of the comparison of the beauty and originality of the compositions in an equal price offer will definitely outweigh the majestic hippeastrum.