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Bouquets of brunia with delivery in Kiev

Bouquet of flowers "Princess Anna" photoBouquet of flowers "Princess Anna" photo

1081 грн

Flowers in the box "Impressionism" photoFlowers in the box "Impressionism" photo

2420 грн

Flowers in the box "Winter track" photoFlowers in the box "Winter track" photo

1725 грн

Bouquet of flowers "Prague holidays" photoBouquet of flowers "Prague holidays" photo

1225 грн

Bouquet of flowers "Aphrodite" photoBouquet of flowers "Aphrodite" photo

3125 грн

Flowers in the Hatbox "Charm" photoFlowers in the Hatbox "Charm" photo

1196 грн

Bouquet of flowers "Ultramarine" photoBouquet of flowers "Ultramarine" photo

898 грн

Bouquet of flowers "Gloria" photoBouquet of flowers "Gloria" photo

1158 грн

Bouquet of flowers "Italy" photoBouquet of flowers "Italy" photo

849 грн

Bouquet of flowers «Dior» photoBouquet of flowers «Dior» photo

881 грн

Bouquet of flowers "Recognition" photoBouquet of flowers "Recognition" photo

1080 грн

Brunia photoBrunia photo

70 грн

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Brunia is a luxurious detail that will transform even the simplest and most inexpensive bouquet into an exquisite floral arrangement. In the hands of florists of the online flower shop BuketLand, Brunia becomes a successful addition and the most attractive accent in original, exotic bouquets.

What a wonderful flower brunia

Brunia is from South Africa. Her foliage resembles a neat pine needles. But it is pleasant to touch these leaves - they are soft, smooth. Flowers have brunias of amazing beauty and form. So unusual and unusual for us - because the outwardly inflorescences of this plant resemble beautiful large berries. Flowers are attractive not only because of the shape. Attracts attention and their noble gray color. Looking at Brunia, it is hard to believe that this is a living plant. Buy Brunia with delivery to Kiev is, if you want to present a truly original bouquet. After all, compositions with blotches in the form of branches of Brunia look very presentable, exclusive. Buy Brunia cheap in Kiev in our store BuketLand.

Benefits of brunia

Picking up an unusual version of the bouquet for a gift, you will need the delivery of brunia to Kiev. Pay attention to this exotic flower - after all, it is not for nothing that it is considered one of the most trendy elements in modern floristics.

Why it is worth buying a bouquet of brunia in Kiev:

  • Very rare unusual item in a bouquet.
  • Extraordinarily beautiful.
  • Very resistant flower.
  • Can be used as dried flowers.
  • After withering retains the same beauty and color.
  • Universal element for bouquets of any destination.
  • Reasonable price: costs Brunia Kiev cheap.

What bouquets are used in Brunia

Brunia is always a good decorative device. And very versatile. Due to its durability, this flower is used in floristics all year round - in live form or as an exquisite dried flower. Therefore, bouquets with brunia are very diverse, have a wide purpose.

Wedding bouquets with this exotic flower are especially popular. Brunia allows you to create original versions even in winter, when the choice of colors is not particularly large. In wedding photos Brunia looks fabulous. It harmonizes well with spruce cones, artificial snow in bouquets. You can buy brunia Kiev all year round, so it is often used in bouquets for Valentine's Day, March 8.

Brunia looks very gently, carefully. A small bouquet with elements of Brunia will suit the girl, a young girl. This bouquet will emphasize the tenderness of age, natural beauty. By the way, a sprig of brunia looks original as a full-fledged exotic flower. It does not have to be used as a supplement. It is enough to tie a pair of twigs with a beautiful ribbon, add a cute decor in the form of a heart or a butterfly, attach a bright note - and the original composition is ready! Given that the price of Brunia Kiev is low, you can for a little money surprise your loved ones, relatives with this exotic.

Why Brunia is worth ordering from us


Bouquet of brunia Kiev can be bought on our website. Our company has been selling and delivering flowers for 5 years.

Our advantages:

  • Always an individual approach to the wishes of the client.
  • Original, memorable floral arrangements.
  • Bouquets in a variety of price categories.
  • Bouquet from Brunia delivery to Kiev will be promptly delivered within 1-3 hours.
  • Different design solutions of compositions: flower bouquets, flowers in boxes, fruit bouquets.
  • An opportunity together with flowers to buy addition in the form of sweets, cards, soft toys.
  • Ready-made designs of bouquets on topics and different occasions.
  • Always reasonable prices, profitable promotions.