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Bouquets of eustome with delivery to Kiev

Bouquet of flowers "Favorite" photoBouquet of flowers "Favorite" photo
Bouquet of flowers "Favorite"

1792 грн

Bouquet of flowers "Happy Day" photoBouquet of flowers "Happy Day" photo
Bouquet of flowers "Happy Day"

3200 грн

Bouquet of flowers "New Image" photoBouquet of flowers "New Image" photo
Bouquet of flowers "New Image"

1565 грн

Bouquet of flowers "Foggy Albion" photoBouquet of flowers "Foggy Albion" photo
Bouquet of flowers "Foggy Albion"

1596 грн

Bouquet of flowers "Fruit Ice" photoBouquet of flowers "Fruit Ice" photo
Bouquet of flowers "Fruit Ice"

1760 грн

SaleBouquet of flowers "Charm of Provence" + VASE AS A GIFT photoBouquet of flowers "Charm of Provence" + VASE AS A GIFT photo
Bouquet of flowers "Charm of Provence" + VASE AS A GIFT

1469 грн 1939 грн

SaleBouquet of flowers "Prima-Ballerina" + VASE AS A GIFT photoBouquet of flowers "Prima-Ballerina" + VASE AS A GIFT photo
Bouquet of flowers "Prima-Ballerina" + VASE AS A GIFT

1315 грн 1815 грн

Bouquet of flowers "Marseille" photoBouquet of flowers "Marseille" photo
Bouquet of flowers "Marseille"

3055 грн

Bouquet of flowers "First date" photoBouquet of flowers "First date" photo
Bouquet of flowers "First date"

1615 грн

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As soon as you do not call this cute flower - a Texas bell, an Irish rose, a Japanese rose, a lisianthus, an eustoma! Indeed, the eustoma is similar in different phases of flowering and on the bell, and on the rose, and even on the poppy.

Moments of development

Since the discovery on the American continents, the Irish rose has gained popularity with the florists of different countries. But, as often happens after the outbursts of universal love, then there was a period of oblivion. And, unfortunately, lisianthus is already considered in nature as an endangered species, because of what has even been listed in the Red Book. To date, eustoma again at the peak of popularity. And it is cultivated both as a houseplant and as a flower for cutting. During this time, the color palette of the eustoma greatly expanded. And now, along with the ancestral blue, artificially cultivated by breeders of Great Britain, USA and Japan cultivars of eust of white, yellow, red flowers are cultivated with all possible variations of shades and patterns. All species are united under one name - eustoma large-flowered.

What does eustoma look like?

Those varieties of eustoma, which are grown for cutting, are quite tall plants with strong stems, up to a meter high, branched and graceful. On one stem with elegant leaves of classical form and dense, as if they are waxy, a whole bouquet of 20-30 inflorescences blossoms, blossoming alternately during the flowering period. The buds of the eustoma, which have not yet fully unfolded, are very reminiscent of a rose - petals with smooth or slightly carved edges, pink, white, purple, yellow, purple, monochrome or with a bright contrasting border. The fully exposed bud is more like a Japanese rose or the macro-lobes spread out to the sides, revealing the core. In any phase of flowering, the eustoma is refined and elegant, and can not but arouse admiration.

Eustoma in bouquets

Grace, a varied palette and the ability of a flower to preserve beauty for a long time make it possible to make compositions of various shapes - round, cascading, elongated, in boxes, baskets and portuquette. When forming some bouquets from eustoma, only open or half-opened buds are left in Kiev, the rest are removed to create a certain shape. Bouquets from the eustom look magnificent and representative, at the same time fresh and elegant. You can surely present such a bouquet to any event to any person. In order to buy a bouquet eustom in Kiev, make an order in the service BuketLand, and our courier will arrive on time. It should be noted that the price of eustoma in Kiev from BuketLand is low, which will allow each man to order a bouquet and make his beloved happy.

The friendliness and practically absence of aroma allow combining in bouquets eustoma with different colors. Any composition of lisianthus will give some airiness, tenderness and lightness. Beautiful bouquets of eustoma with roses, alstorrmeria, lilies, mills, orchids and callas, gerberas, chrysanthemums, tulips, carnations and irises will be wonderful. Amaryllis and anthurium will add a bouquet from the "bell of the prairie" exotics, gypsophila and trachelium - tenderness, alstiba and leaves of the fern-space.

Very often, eustoms are used for wedding ceremonies - in a bridal bouquet and a groom's boutonniere, in the decoration of halls and arches.

Care of the bouquet from the eust

In order for the charming bouquet of eustoma to survive the stated 2-3 weeks, it is necessary before putting it in the vase to cut a few stems and remove the bottom leaves. It is desirable to add top dressing to the water. In time, release the bouquet from the wilted buds. Do not put a vase of flowers under the bright rays of the sun. And do not forget to change the water daily.