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Bouquets of hyacinth with delivery to Kiev

25 hyacinths in assortment photo25 hyacinths in assortment photo

1100 грн

17 hyacinths in assortment photo17 hyacinths in assortment photo

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19 hyacinths in assortment photo19 hyacinths in assortment photo

948 грн

15 hyacinths in assortment photo15 hyacinths in assortment photo

830 грн

19 hyacinth mix photo19 hyacinth mix photo

948 грн

17 hyacinth mix photo17 hyacinth mix photo

914 грн

19 hyacinth mix in a hat box photo19 hyacinth mix in a hat box photo

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Flowers in a hat box "Magic" photoFlowers in a hat box "Magic" photo

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Bouquet of flowers "Recognition" photoBouquet of flowers "Recognition" photo

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Gentle and touching, hyacinths first bloom after the onset of warm weather. They are pleased with the variety of color and delicate smell. The flower is universal, it can be planted in open ground, used as a home plant and included in bouquets.

Delivery of hyacinth to Kiev, the storage conditions of flowers

The flower is quite unpretentious, does not require a narrow temperature, well tolerated transportation. In order for the delivery of hyacinth to Kiev without loss, it should be borne in mind that:

  • they require frequent updating of the slice;
  • in transit, they are wrapped in wet paper, cotton or moisture-absorbing material;
  • It is not recommended to subject flowers to sharp shocks and temperature changes;
  • The optimum temperature at night is 2-5 ° C.

Compliance with the rules of transportation will keep flowers in excellent presentation. Buy hyacinth with delivery to Kiev is more profitable with wholesale order.

Long life of a bouquet of hyacinths

Buy a bouquet of hyacinth in Kiev is easy. It would be desirable, that he longer pleased with his appearance and delicate aroma. There are several little tricks that allow you to admire them for almost 2 weeks. Part of the stem in the water is broken down for better absorption of moisture by the flower. Pruning the stem is necessary every 2-3 days, focusing on the height of the white part, which is cut off. If suddenly the flowers have wilted, then you need to arrange a contrast shower for them. To do this, a bouquet for 3 minutes is placed in very hot water, then immediately dipped into the cold, leaving it overnight.

Buying a bouquet of hyacinths in Kiev

Buy cheap hyacinth in Kiev can be in the flower shop BuketLand. Separate branches and already decorated compositions are offered. The price of a hyacinth in Kiev is low, but it is not it that is important, but the attention given. These flowers are especially in demand in the spring, when, against the backdrop of strict roses, they stand out for their tangible aroma and anticipation of the awakening of nature. It is possible to buy hyacinth in Kiev at any time of the year, flowers are grown not only by the open method, they perfectly feel themselves in greenhouses and greenhouses. Bouquet of ihz hyacinth symbolizes tender feelings, romance and anticipation of the meeting. Flowers delivery to Kiev is carried out in a short time.

Types of bouquets

These flowers look favorably in small compositions with small roses, in multicomponent bouquets with original design. Compact flower baskets and decorative compositions with hyacinths give the room a festive look, help to create a romantic atmosphere, complement warm wishes. Often there are bouquets made up only of hyacinths of different shades and they look great. Their color palette ranges from completely white to almost black.

Occasion for gift

Flowers have always been the most touching gift. In addition, they do not oblige to anything, they can be taken even from a stranger, unlike jewelry or expensive things. To appear at a celebration without flowers is considered a sign of bad education. Anniversaries, weddings, birthdays are a great occasion for the presentation of a pompous bouquet. But it is precisely the hyacinth that is worth buying in Kiev cheaply for a first date or meeting old acquaintances. You can buy a hyacinth in Kiev and place it in an elegant bouquet at a flower shop with a wide assortment of flowers. Variants of flower arrangements are endless, especially if you look at the variety of shades of this spring plant.

Beautiful monochrome compositions are restrained and serve as an exquisite compliment to a charming companion. Playful rainbow bouquets combining 5-6 different shades are suitable for a young girl and an experienced lady who wants to plunge into the memories of her distant youth.

A bouquet of hyacinths can be bought in Kiev around the clock, if desired, home delivery.