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Bouquets of hydrangeas with delivery in Kiev

Hydrangea in assortment photoHydrangea in assortment photo
Hydrangea in assortment

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Sale1 hydrangea in assortment photo1 hydrangea in assortment photo
1 hydrangea in assortment

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5 same-colored hydrangeas photo5 same-colored hydrangeas photo
5 same-colored hydrangeas

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15 hydrangeas mix photo15 hydrangeas mix photo
15 hydrangeas mix

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9 hydrangeas mix photo9 hydrangeas mix photo
9 hydrangeas mix

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7 hydrangeas in assortment photo7 hydrangeas in assortment photo
7 hydrangeas in assortment

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5 hydrangeas in assortment photo5 hydrangeas in assortment photo
5 hydrangeas in assortment

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3 hydrangeas in assortment

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3 blue hydrangeas in a hat box photo3 blue hydrangeas in a hat box photo
3 blue hydrangeas in a hat box

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5 hydrangeas mix in a hat box photo5 hydrangeas mix in a hat box photo
5 hydrangeas mix in a hat box

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1 hydrangea in a hat box photo1 hydrangea in a hat box photo
1 hydrangea in a hat box

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On our site you can see the online catalog of bouquets from hydrangeas in Kiev and choose the most suitable variant for you. Buy hydrangeas in Kiev in our store will not be difficult. You will see wedding bouquets, bouquets for celebrations or any other occasion, made by professional florists-professionals of our store. We guarantee the excellent quality and freshness of flowers, as well as timely delivery to the specified address. Together with the bouquet you can transfer a small gift for your beloved or a postcard with pleasant words about love and not worry about that your feelings will be conveyed to the addressee. Give your love and feelings to your loved ones, express it with beautiful and magical flowers without words! And we will be happy to help you in this!

Bouquets of hydrangeas for the most sensual natures

Looking for a gift for a modest and beautiful girl? Something unusual and tender, but insanely beautiful and not pretentious? You are on the right page! We offer you beautiful hydrangeas - flowers that can charm at first sight with its simplicity and at the same time incredible beauty. The flowers themselves came to us from eastern China, and immediately managed to win the hearts of most lovers and true connoisseurs of flowers.

Hortensia has many varieties and varieties, each of which is distinguished by its uniqueness. The main feature of this flower is that even on one inflorescence flowers can appear of different shapes and even colors. Like having absorbed all the most delicate summer colors, hydrangea is found in cream, lilac and purple, white, purple and blue, gently crimson and even a pinkish-green hue. The hydrangea differs from other representatives of the habitual flora with a large and dense inflorescence, with a diameter of up to 25 cm. It should be noted that hydrangea likes moisture. It is because of this that she deserves such a name that in Latin means "jug with water". With proper care, a bouquet of hydrangeas can last up to 10 days.

It is worth noting that hydrangea is considered a very rare flower. Not everyone will immediately remember its appearance. It is obvious that the largest number of varieties of hydrangeas can be found only in its homeland - in the country of the rising sun and in Asia.

Hydrangea - Wedding Bouquet

An unprecedented popularity was given to hydrangeas in our day. And first of all, this trend is connected with the conduct of wedding ceremonies. Many explain this by the fact that in the language of flowers hydrangea symbolizes nobility, endurance and composure. But in fact, everything is much simpler. Due to its ideal rounded form, hydrangea is considered to be a very convenient flower for florists and when making up a wedding bouquet the bride became simply irreplaceable. In this case, such bouquets use not only classic white flowers, but also other shades of hydrangeas. The only disadvantage of hydrangeas as a choice of her as the main flower for a wedding bouquet becomes her need for increased humidity. Sometimes florists resort to a small trick - in the handle of the bouquet hide a small reservoir of water, which allows you to keep the freshness of flowers throughout the celebration.

Hortensia is good as a gift not only at the wedding, but also in everyday life. Such an unusual and insanely gentle bouquet will please any capricious lady. Hortensia can be given as an independent bouquet, or in combination with other flowers. The most romantic bouquet can rightly be called a bouquet of hydrangeas and roses of delicate shades. Very unusual, but it is quite harmonious is the combination of hydrangeas with field flowers, which is associated with the original origin of hydrangeas as a natural flower, rather than ornamental.