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Bouquets of chrysanthemums with delivery in Kiev

35 white chrysanthemum photo35 white chrysanthemum photo

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35 chrysanthemum mix 2 photo35 chrysanthemum mix 2 photo

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35 chrysanthemum mix photo35 chrysanthemum mix photo

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29 chrysanthemum mix 4 photo29 chrysanthemum mix 4 photo

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29 chrysanthemum mix 3 photo29 chrysanthemum mix 3 photo

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29 chrysanthemum mix 2 photo29 chrysanthemum mix 2 photo

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29 chrysanthemum mix photo29 chrysanthemum mix photo

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25 white chrysanthemums photo25 white chrysanthemums photo

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25 chrysanthemum mix 2 photo25 chrysanthemum mix 2 photo

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25 pink chrysanthemums photo25 pink chrysanthemums photo

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25 chrysanthemum mix photo25 chrysanthemum mix photo

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15 white chrysanthemums  photo15 white chrysanthemums  photo

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15 chrysanthemum mix 2 photo15 chrysanthemum mix 2 photo

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15 chrysanthemum mix photo15 chrysanthemum mix photo

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Delivery of chrysanthemums in Kiev from the company Buketland

Give your family and friends happiness with beautiful bouquets of chrysanthemums! In our store you can not only buy chrysanthemums in Kiev, but also order an address delivery of chrysanthemums to the house. Freshness and tidiness of chrysanthemums is guaranteed!

Chrysanthemum - flower-sun

It is still not known exactly which country is the homeland of these bright as the sun and delicate flowers - Japan or China. In Japan, chrysanthemums are considered a symbol of the Sun, happiness and a long life. For a long time, the emblems of emperors were decorated with chrysanthemum buds, and today it is officially adopted emblem of the country of the Rising Sun. In China, the chrysanthemum expresses a sense of loyalty, honor, grandeur and a high position in society. Previously, clothes with the image of chrysanthemums were allowed only for members of the imperial family.

To date, it is worth noting that chrysanthemums occupy an honorable second place among popular and most purchased flowers. They are able to conquer the girl's heart because of its simplicity, wide choice of colors and amazing ability to harmoniously combine with other colors, which allows florists to create beautiful compositions and wedding bouquets. And not only this. Chrysanthemums have become simply indispensable in the creation of magnificent toys of flowers. This kind of floristic composition developing and gaining increasing popularity among buyers can not do without strong and strong buds. Imagine how much happiness and joy can bring such bizarre gifts to your close people!

It is worth noting the high endurance of these colors. With proper and meticulous care, chrysanthemums can keep their fresh original appearance for two, sometimes even three weeks! To achieve this effect, you only need to keep a bouquet of chrysanthemums in a cool place, change the water daily and cut the ends of the stems.

What do chrysanthemums mean?

Concerning the meaning of chrysanthemums, their symbolism in the language of flowers, it is worth saying that in different parts of the globe it is interpreted differently. The European part of lovers of these beautiful flowers, namely the Italians, consider chrysanthemum a symbol of love and immortality. The Germans say that chrysanthemum expresses a sense of nobility and reflects the purity of thoughts. As to the meaning of certain colors of these flowers, there are also noticeable and significant differences here. Thus, red chrysanthemums express friendly feelings; pink as if whispering about the sincerity of your feelings and the seriousness of your intentions; white chrysanthemums symbolize the sincerity and purity of your thoughts, and the yellow ones are capable of beautifully thanking and expressing a sense of respect.

Who is best to give chrysanthemums?

Chrysanthemums are appropriate for any holiday. Girls and women should choose light and delicate tones that will emphasize the charm of the owner of a bouquet, and chrysanthemums of rich colors should be given to women of age. Men can also choose bouquets of chrysanthemums, for example, in yellow shades. In this case, remember that the male bouquet should be more restrained and have a minimal amount of additional decor.

Chrysanthemums will become an indispensable gift at a family holiday. For close people this is the perfect choice of colors, because they symbolize longevity and a wish for good health.

The classical colors of these beautiful chrysanthemums will be a good choice when presenting a bouquet to their business partners. Picking up soft shades, as a more reserved option, or vice versa, bright and saturated, you definitely will not get into trouble.

Bouquets of chrysanthemums

In general it is known for everyone that the bouquet became an appropriate and even necessary gift at any solemn event. The variety of shapes and colors of chrysanthemums makes it possible to create compositions that are unimaginable in their beauty. They are beautifully combined not only with other flowers, but also with different decorative greenery, which only emphasizes their beauty. As for the price policy, it is worth noting that chrysanthemums will cost you much less than other flowers. In this case, the bouquet will not look worse, but with the correct choice of quantity and color - sometimes even several times more attractive. Order chrysanthemums in Kiev with us: for this type in search to buy chrysanthemums Kiev and wait until the courier brings you the chosen composition to the right address.

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