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Bouquets of irises with delivery in Kiev

17 blue-purple irises photo17 blue-purple irises photo

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Irises with delivery in Kiev from Buketland

We give you a unique opportunity to buy irises in retail and wholesale prices. In the presence of irises of three shades: blue, violet, white. We can save your valuable time every day and carry out iris delivery around Kiev to your house.

Irises - symbols of joy, wisdom and strength

Flowers that are found in any corner of our planet, from the earliest times are considered folk pets in everyday life and folk medicine. With their help, or rather, from the roots of these mysterious flowers, they prepared a fragrant drink that tastes like coffee. From the roots of another species - iris Florentine - people have learned to extract scented oil, similar in smell to violets. In addition to all this, the extract of irises to this day is often used in cosmetology. it can cause anti-stress and anti-aging effects on the skin of a person.

The Legend of Irises

In the people of irises received the affectionate name of the tangent. The name of minke whales and bells are also found. All this testifies to the great gratitude among the common people of these enchanting colors. The traditional name "iris" was given to flowers by Hippocrates, which in Greek means "rainbow". There is a beautiful legend that the goddess Iraida descended from Olympus to the ground on the rainbow to once again convey a message from the gods to people. So these beautiful flowers appeared with an equally beautiful name.

What do the irises mean?

Irish have long been considered the wards of warriors. At the same time, such a symbolism was given to flowers not only among the Slavic peoples, but also among the Japanese. It is in the country of the Rising Sun that the word "iris" is denoted by the same hieroglyph as the phrase "military spirit". In addition, it is surprising and not at all random that the petals of the irises resemble the shape of the sword. When the warriors went to war, the irises always accompanied them, because They were considered original protectors and defenders.

The Egyptians considered irises to be a symbol of eloquence and presented them to talented speakers.

The coloring of irises also has its definite meaning in the language of flowers. So, white irises became a symbol of purity, tenderness and innocence. There is even a belief that if you add even one iris flower to the bridal bouquet, you can protect the young family from quarrels and troubles. The most common coloring of irises - purple - symbolizes mystery, mystery, knowledge and strength. All shades of pink and cherry irises speak of youth, freshness and flirtation. Yellow irises express wealth, wisdom and prosperity.

Interestingly, that in nature there are no red irises. And no matter how tried the modern breeders, to achieve a rich red shade has not been possible to anyone yet. This is because the iris lacks a gene that carries a red color. But who knows, perhaps, in the near future, modern technologies will enable the world to see such a "scarlet iris", as it was in its time with blue roses.

Bouquet of irises

Florists appreciate the irises for their amazing ability to blend harmoniously with other colors. If you choose a bouquet for a woman, the irises in it look extraordinarily tender and fragile. If the bouquet is intended for a man, then the flower acquires strength, power and a special energy of confidence and nobility. The advantage of irises is that they are perfect both in monotonous bouquets and in national teams.

Choosing a bouquet of irises for a gift, remember that he will express the recipient longevity, good health and prosperity. That is why irises are so loved and respected among the people. These fragile flowers skillfully combine tenderness and strength, mystery and vivid shades, a deep secret and at the same time extraordinary ease.

The most popular colors of irises were all kinds of shades of blue: from blue-blue to rich purple. Not for nothing did the irises receive the proud name of the flower of the heavens. Nevertheless, we guarantee that from all variety of colors and shades everyone can find a bouquet of irises suitable for color in order to really surprise and impress their loved ones.

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