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Bouquet of leukadendron with delivery to Kiev

SaleBouquet of flowers "Margaret" photoBouquet of flowers "Margaret" photo

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Bouquet of flowers "Sherwood" photoBouquet of flowers "Sherwood" photo

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Bouquet of flowers "Prague holidays" photoBouquet of flowers "Prague holidays" photo

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Bouquet of flowers "Ultramarine" photoBouquet of flowers "Ultramarine" photo

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Bouquet of pions «Formula of love» photoBouquet of pions «Formula of love» photo

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Bouquet of flowers "Venetian Nights" photoBouquet of flowers "Venetian Nights" photo

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Bouquet of flowers "Quiet evening" photoBouquet of flowers "Quiet evening" photo

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Leukadendron photoLeukadendron photo

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Do you know what leucodendron is? Most likely no. This tropical plant of an unusual form, very effective externally, has bright saturated colors. This plant is also called the "African prince" or "silvery handsome." Silky hairs cover the plant and sparkle under the sun, and from there such nicknames.

This is an evergreen tree or shrub. It has dense oblong stems of dark green color. Inflorescences themselves cone-shaped with many small flowers. The bracts of red, dark purple, burgundy and similar shades give a special attractiveness to the plant.

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Surprise your favorite bouquet of leucodendron. Kiev offers to buy leukodendron in the BuketLand flower shop. This plant does not require special care and perfectly retains its original appearance for a long time. This will be a rare bouquet that not every woman receives, and many have not even heard of him.

If you are interested in the price of leucodendron, Kiev offers to learn it on the site of the store. But no matter how expensive the bouquet, it's worth it. This rare plant is able to decorate and complement any composition. Wedding bouquets often do not do without our handsome. Such bouquets are even more valuable because they can stand fresh for 2-3 weeks. Moreover, in the dried form, they do not lose their charms and can also be used in compositions of dried flowers.

Bouquets using leucodendron will appeal to lovers of non-standard compositions and exotic plants. They perfectly complement bouquets of both tropical flowers and ordinary ones, for example, from roses. Perfectly fitting into the composition and combining with the colors of the queen of flowers, the leucodendron adds its own flavor and turns the usual composition into something unusual. Buy a bouquet of leukodendron in Kiev is now easier than ever! So do not miss this opportunity and please your girlfriend with an unusual gift.


Perhaps you are far from your beloved. You can buy leukodendron with delivery in Kiev in our store via the Internet. Courier will carefully deliver and hand a bouquet to your chosen one. Delivery of the leukodendron to Kiev today is perfectly adjusted, and your gift will quickly find its recipient.

A bouquet of leukodendron delivery to Kiev is one of the best services of the BuketLand store. You can place your order directly on the site by filling out an application or by calling.

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