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Bouquets of Lilies with Delivery in Kiev

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Bouquet of 25 lilies photoBouquet of 25 lilies photo

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Bouquet of 49 lilies photoBouquet of 49 lilies photo

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SaleBouquet of flowers "Charm of Provence" + VASE AS A GIFT photoBouquet of flowers "Charm of Provence" + VASE AS A GIFT photo

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To understand the lily, it is necessary to love it the way florists of the whole world love it. Thousands of varieties and species of lilies expand the capabilities of greenhouse workers and bouquet compilers. In addition, the durability and ability of the lily, even in cut form, to remain fresh and continue to blossom is very important for transportation and bouquet. Of course, there are also features - lilies exude a fragrance, very strong. In some varieties, it is barely perceptible, but it can also be a problem. And more: it is desirable to remove stamens from a flower before making a bouquet. Of course, with them the lily looks more natural, but the pollen that falls from the stamens can "spoil" neighboring flowers and clothes.

How Many Lilies in a Bouquet Will Look Royal?

On the peduncle of the lily, depending on the variety, a different number of buds may be located. In any case, when composing a bouquet of lilies will be disclosed at least one. The flower is so beautiful and self-sufficient, that in bouquets does not require the presence of a large number. Very often only one flower stalk is arranged and looks royal. Therefore, in bouquets of lilies in Kiev, usually from one to seven open buds, you can combine different varieties and shades.

Lily Compositions

In order to emphasize the beauty and elegance of the lily, they select a worthy company. In fairness, it must be said that the lilies are very insidious, and most other flowers, when they are adjacent to lilies, fade very quickly. Therefore, it is desirable to select not woody plants, but the same bulbous.

It is important to follow the rules of color compatibility. Since the gamma of the shades of the lilies themselves is infinitely diverse, there are no problems with it at all. For example, if there are yellow, orange, red hues in the lily buds, it's very interesting to add blue, blue, white flowers to the bouquet. It is desirable that the buds of these "satellites" were much smaller than the main ones. It will look good jasmine, brunner, iris, delphinium, chamomile, vasilistnik, bells, aquilegia, gypsophila.

White lilies just look great in the neighborhood of the bright green leaves. True, the lily's own leaves are not very suitable for this. Perfectly emphasize the beauty of the inflorescences of a snow-white lily carved leaves of a fern, asparagus, iris or peony.

When composing a bouquet of lilies, they often combine a lily with a rose. Perhaps, this is the only woody flower, so bright and noble, that can feel calm and confident alongside the lily and not draw attention to itself, but perfectly complement.

It is possible to frame a lilac bouquet with a "cuff" from chrysanthemums. This gives the tenderness and grace to the bouquet. But this is not a very long-lasting alliance.

Bright lilac shades of the lily flower will be excellently distinguished against the background of rudbekki and helianthus. But it is important that the buds of the latter do not exceed the size of the queen of such a bouquet.

Surprise your favorite bouquet of lilies - buy a bouquet of lilies in Kiev at a good price and you will conquer her heart forever.

Bouquets with Lilies

Bouquets of lilies can be spherical and elongated, three-dimensional, one-sided and asymmetrical. The main thing is that there should be enough space in bouquets. They should not be heavily cluttered with decor and other flowers, as the beauty of the lily flower itself is lost.

In order not to distract the eyes from the graceful flowers, the frame of the bouquet should be transparent-delicate and almost imperceptible or deliberate-emphasizing and strict.

Buying lilies in Ukraine is very simple at any time of the year: choose a city, choose a bouquet and deliver delivery!