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Bouquets of orchids with delivery in Kiev

Bouquet of flowers "Sugar dreams" photo

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Bouquet of flowers "Mystery" photo

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Orchid Cymbidium

Among the huge variety of flowers is to pay special attention to orchids. Once upon a time this exotic exotic flower was a huge rarity and a very desirable guest among the amateurs-flower growers. Now his place in our life has expanded, and hothouse farms with great pleasure grow more than 30 000 species of orchids for the joy of florists and us with you.

A rich color palette, intricate lines of petals, beauty of a combination of shades and a variety of kinds and the sizes of a tsimbidium allow to make of orchids delightful bouquets and compositions. In addition to this, the cut flower bud of orchids, if properly handled, can last for up to three weeks - to keep fresh.

In which cases is a bouquet of orchids appropriate

Probably because of the tender form and color, as well as the symbolic value of this flower, most often an orchid is used to make bouquets for wedding ceremonies. And this is right, because a bouquet of orchids symbolizes purity and tenderness, love and nobility, fidelity and wisdom. But would not it be nice for a woman with a taste and sense of style to receive a bouquet of cymbidium in recognition of her charm, refinement and beauty? Yes, and a man, so delicately and extraordinarily expressed his feelings, will be able to rise strongly in the eyes of his beloved.

Types of compositions

Orchids very gently and stylishly look in any variants of the bouquet formation. In order to prolong the life of flowers in bouquets can be used special floristic test tubes and portuquette with floristic sponge. Buy a bouquet of orchids in Kiev through the service BuketLand you can any day, the price of a bouquet of orchids from our delivery service is one of the most competitive in the market.

In the classical form we are accustomed to collect flowers in bulk, in the form of a sphere. In this bouquet may include bud flowers with delicate petals. A variation of the round bouquet is the Biedermeier, in which the flowers are collected starting from the center, observing the circumference. The flowers just look as good as they are collected without any tricks, easily and unobtrusively. Outwardly it looks like this, but we know that the simplicity lies in the art of the florist.

Special skills must be possessed to add a cascading flowing bouquet of cymbidium, in which the peduncles are attached to the wire. This is a real work of art in its beauty and refinement worthy of the queen.


Depending on how you want to see the bouquet - bright or gentle, select shades and types of flowers. The orchid is so perfect and elegant that it can, in principle, look perfect in a mono-bouquet. And at the same time, the presence of other colors in the composition will only add beauty to it. You can combine in a bouquet not only flowers with airy and light petals in buds, but also strict, demanding callas.

The combination of orchids and roses gives an excellent result. Both flowers have beauty and grace, their velvety refined petals complement each other harmonically in bouquets of a spherical shape. Cute look such bouquets when a combination of white and pastel or blue shades.

You can experiment a lot, add tulips, peonies, eustoms or freesias. These flowers are perfect for orchid. The color range of an orchid can also be very diverse. Bright and contrasting looks composition with alstroemeria, which will underline the delicacy of petals of snow-white cymbidium.

Give your lady a bouquet of orchids in Kiev, and you will forever remain in her heart. Orchid is like classical music - for those who have taste, acquaintance with her guarantees love for life!