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Bouquets of sunflowers with delivery in Kiev

SaleFlowers in a Hat Box "The Sun in the Palm" photoFlowers in a Hat Box "The Sun in the Palm" photo

1905 грн

SaleFlowers in the basket "Composition of the Summer" photoFlowers in the basket "Composition of the Summer" photo

1455 грн 1605 грн

Bouquet of flowers "Bright moments" photoBouquet of flowers "Bright moments" photo

1180 грн

Bouquet of flowers "Sunbeam" photoBouquet of flowers "Sunbeam" photo

990 грн 1090 грн

Bouquet of 15 sunflowers photoBouquet of 15 sunflowers photo

1025 грн

25 sunflowers in a hat box photo25 sunflowers in a hat box photo

1265 грн 1415 грн

Bouquet of 19 sunflowers photoBouquet of 19 sunflowers photo

960 грн

SaleBouquet of flowers "Summer" photoBouquet of flowers "Summer" photo

680 грн 870 грн

Sunflower photoSunflower photo

60 грн


Bright, sunny, big and kind - all this is a familiar sunflower. Constant favorite of all gardeners. It does not interfere between the beds and quietly grows and matures. And people savor it with delicious fruits - seeds, raw and fried. It produces healthy sunflower oil, which is used in every family for cooking and frying.

Today, the sunflower is used for decorative purposes in the design of bouquets. Big, smiling, like a clear sun, he will make any composition warm and kind. Low price for sunflower Kiev offers such bouquets at an affordable price.

Sunflowers in online flower shop BuketLand

Buy a bouquet of sunflower in Kiev, you can in the online flower shop BuketLand. These are all familiar flowers, but not everyone saw them in a decorative role. Bright yellow petals frame a large core of small flowers, under which seeds will once ripen. The large head is attached to a thick, hollow stalk of a soft green color. The leaves of this plant are large and covered with small villi, like the stem itself.

In the compositions, the sunflower looks very impressive and attracts all the attention to itself, since few flowers can argue with it in size. Kiev offers to buy a bouquet of sunflower in different compositions. Bouquet design solutions are huge. You will not find two identical options and be able to surprise your girl all the time.



You can buy a sunflower with delivery to Kiev if you do not have the opportunity to present the bouquet personally. Everything is possible in our store! You can attach a note or an additional gift to a bouquet of flowers. All this is safe and sound, our courier will deliver to the right address. Delivery of sunflower to Kiev will be quite inexpensive, and the joy that your woman will receive will be incomparably greater.

Buy cheap sunflower in Kiev, you can in the flower shop BuketLand. Place your order on the website or call the manager. We take care of all the worries, you just need to order, and the desired bouquet will arrive at the right place at the right time. A bouquet of sunflower delivery in Kiev will bring in a short time. We act promptly, therefore from us you will receive only fresh and fragrant bouquets. Decorated by professional florists, they will look chic. Offers to buy sunflower Kiev cheap, so please your lady, you can often. With it, you are in the same city or have gone far away - nothing will prevent you from giving her bouquets, because there we are! Buy Kiev sunflower, without leaving home. You only need the Internet.

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