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Bouquets of ranunculi with delivery in Kiev

Bouquet of 99 ranuncles photoBouquet of 99 ranuncles photo

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Bouquet of 49 ranuncles photoBouquet of 49 ranuncles photo

6232 грн

Bouquet of 45 ranuncles photoBouquet of 45 ranuncles photo

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Bouquet of 39 ranuncles photoBouquet of 39 ranuncles photo

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Bouquet of 25 Ranuncles photoBouquet of 25 Ranuncles photo

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Bouquet of 15 Ranuncles photoBouquet of 15 Ranuncles photo

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Bouquet of flowers "Happy meeting" photoBouquet of flowers "Happy meeting" photo

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Bouquet of 29 Ranuncles photoBouquet of 29 Ranuncles photo

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Bouquet of 19 Ranuncles photoBouquet of 19 Ranuncles photo

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Bouquet of 9 Ranuncles photoBouquet of 9 Ranuncles photo

1565 грн

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Ranunculus today are becoming more popular due to its unusual shape and miniature size. They look great both in monobooks, and in classical combinations and bouquets in a modern style with the use of unusual additions in the form of berries. However, these amazing flowers are sold far from every floral salon, because they require special care and competent use in compositions. Buy Ranunculus in Kiev can be in one of the best floristic shops, where you can choose flowers of various lengths, and as part of the most exotic bouquets.

Exotic flower

Bouquet of Ranunculus is now estimated as a sign of a wonderful taste. It looks very much like a rose or a miniature peony. However, in fact this is the achievement of breeders who have struggled for many years to create an interesting flower from a perfectly ordinary plant. This variety is a kind of buttercup. Terry petals, a large number of curls inside the bud literally fascinate everyone who looks at this flower. Delicate shades of color and smooth transitions are another indisputable advantage of the variety.

Breeders were able to achieve amazing stability of the Ranunculus. Despite the fact that the Ranunculus in Kiev is only sold in a certain season, it is definitely worth looking at this flower. In an apartment, the bouquet will last about two weeks. It is also an ideal option for festive compositions, to design a bouquet of the bride.

Delivery of bouquets from the Ranunculus in Kiev will also be an excellent presentation option, because these flowers, despite their exquisite appearance, perfectly tolerate transportation even in the heat and even for long distances.

The best combination

This amazing flower gives a huge scope for imagination, and within almost any budget. Thanks to its interesting shape and splendor, this sort of flowers will look gorgeous in a small composition. A classic combination - with peonies and roses. Such a bouquet of Ranunculus will be especially good as a traditional gift. Clean lines, correct geometric combinations will make the bouquet both classic and original. Delicate color combinations like and romantic natures, and very young people.

Ranunculus in Kiev can also be purchased as part of original compositions. This flower looks great with a short trimming of the stem in the bouquets in a box, basket or casket. The bright core, drowned in a large number of curls from the petals, resembles gems. Ranunculus will become an elegant stroke in the composition of field bouquets, compositions in a deliberately careless rustic style. Interesting are the combinations with orchids, anemones and freesia.

How to choose

If you need to buy a Ranunculus, then you need to contact a specialized store. Despite the popularity of this flower, florists in small shops prefer to bypass it by the side because of the unstable demand, the complexity of care and quite high cost. But the order can always be made on the site of a large store, which offers a huge variety of these amazing double buttercups. Specialists will help you to emphasize its beauty, composing a personal composition in accordance with personal preferences and wishes.

When choosing a composition, it is also important to pay attention to the length of the cut. Miniature Ranunculus is good for tender bouquets, large, with long legs look great in massive compositions and mono-bouquets. Florists will offer a choice of several options, and since only freshly cut plants are used in bouquets, creating a composition of a certain size will not be difficult at all.

Delivery of bouquets from the Ranunculus in Kiev can be carried out any day. The courier can come at any time, whether it was earlier morning, noon or a romantic night. Fresh flowers, delivered in a special car, will look perfect and bring a lot of joy to both the donor and the recipient.

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