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Bouquets of daisies with chamomile in Kiev

Bouquet of 25 bush chamomiles photoBouquet of 25 bush chamomiles photo

1425 грн

Bouquet of 99 bush chamomiles photoBouquet of 99 bush chamomiles photo

3995 грн

Bouquet of 45 bush chamomiles photoBouquet of 45 bush chamomiles photo

2125 грн

Bouquet of 39 chamomiles photoBouquet of 39 chamomiles photo

1465 грн

Bouquet of 19 chamomiles photoBouquet of 19 chamomiles photo

1015 грн

Bouquet of 11 chamomiles photoBouquet of 11 chamomiles photo

795 грн

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Camomiles are considered one of the most romantic flowers. They personify the summer and cheer up. The bouquet can be presented in different situations: for a birthday, on a date, just as a token of attention, on a graduation day or on another occasion. Buy a bouquet of chamomiles can even without reason, just to make a person pleasant. Very impressive look bouquets of large chamomiles. Such flowers are solemn, sweet and naive at the same time.

Where to buy Chamomile in Kiev

Buy camomiles in Kiev you can in the flower delivery store "BuketLand". There is a wide range of fresh cut flowers,  You can choose flowers for every taste, choose expensive or inexpensive flowers, including chamomile.

The favorable price for chamomiles in Kiev, an individual approach to meeting the needs of each customer, free delivery and the use of fresh flowers only distinguishes this store. Each client is provided with the services of a florist, who will help to correctly compose a bouquet to match the occasion, and also will select the necessary packaging. In accordance with the budget, which is allocated for the purchase of a bouquet, the number of colors in the bouquet is selected.

Packing Chamomiles

When decorating a bouquet of chamomiles, the price is added, depending on the total number of colors and used packaging. If the bouquet is presented without an occasion, then chamomile can simply be bandaged with a smart ribbon. If they are presented in honor of a particular event, more solemn and elegant packaging will be required. It can be fabric: organza or mesh, paper: foil or corrugated; Other materials that will give a bouquet of elegance.

Delivery of a Bouquet of Chamomiles in Kiev

When buying chamomiles in Kiev from the company "BuketLand" is delivered.

Delivery of chamomiles like delivery of other flowers in Kiev and its surroundings is free of charge. When handing the bouquet, the courier surveys the recipient to provide a joyful moment to the customer in the photoreport. Delivery in Kharkov, in Lviv, Dnipro, Odessa, Poltava, Zaporozhye and other major cities of Ukraine is also free!

Delivery of chamomile in Kiev is made at the time specified by the client, even if it is night.

Camomiles are very beautiful, romantic and delicate flowers. In addition, this is a budget option. In the store "BuketLand" you can buy a bouquet of chamomiles at a price of 430 hryvnia.

In such a bouquet will include 11 colors and decoration with an elegant ribbon. This is a very reasonable price for chamomile in Kiev.

To buy a bouquet of camomiles, it is not necessary to wait for a memorable date or event. This can be done right now by placing an order on the site, paying it with a card and specifying with the operator the place and time of delivery of the bouquet to the recipient.