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Bouquets of Ecuadorian roses delivered to Kiev

11 imported roses in a hat box photo11 imported roses in a hat box photo

1004 грн

101 Ecuadorian rose 80 cm in stock photo101 Ecuadorian rose 80 cm in stock photo

5832 грн

101 Ecuadorian rose 60 cm in stock photo101 Ecuadorian rose 60 cm in stock photo

4941 грн

49 Ecuadorian roses 60 cm in stock photo49 Ecuadorian roses 60 cm in stock photo

2430 грн

25 Ecuadorian roses 60 cm in stock photo25 Ecuadorian roses 60 cm in stock photo

1486 грн

21 Ecuadorian rose 60 cm in stock photo21 Ecuadorian rose 60 cm in stock photo

1256 грн

15 Ecuadorian roses 60 cm in stock photo15 Ecuadorian roses 60 cm in stock photo

1092 грн

 15 Ecuadorian roses 80 cm in stock photo 15 Ecuadorian roses 80 cm in stock photo

1271 грн

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Rose Ecuador

Roses will not leave indifferent any woman. A tastefully decorated bouquet of Ecuadorian roses in Kiev will become a universal presentation option for a round date, a first date or a birthday. Flower compositions with Ecuadorian roses like the fair sex of any age - it is difficult to find a woman who is indifferent to this kind of plant. But these magnificent creatures of nature also are different - in Ukrainian stores, as a rule, are represented by domestic seasonal varieties, Dutch and flowers from Ecuador.

Ecuadorian rose is in demand among lovers of beautiful bouquets, it is rapidly gaining ground in the Ukrainian flower market. We provide an opportunity to choose and order fresh roses from Ecuador in stylishly designed flower compositions. Choose a bouquet suitable for color, volume and price, to please your loved ones with a wonderful gift.

Advantages of Ecuadorian roses

The main difference of this kind of flowers is large buds. Due to this, the bouquets visually look even more lush and bulky.

Good grades of Ecuadorian roses for a long time do not wilt and keep a fresh appearance. Choose these attractive buds, if you want to maximize the life of your bouquet.

Such roses usually have a more favorable price than analogues of other varieties. Without overpaying extra money, you get a beautiful bouquet, which will long please the eye.

Large petals of Ecuadorian roses look spectacular in wedding bouquets. Choose exactly these varieties for flower compositions for special dates.

In Ukraine, the delivery of roses from Ecuador is in demand. Buyers like beautiful buds on long stems, which are also a hallmark of these colors.

How is this plant grown?

The climate of Ecuador is perfect for growing roses. If in other countries horticulturists have to build greenhouses and create special conditions for plants, then the inhabitants of this country have enough to provide flowers with quality care. Usually in Ecuador, they grow on the slopes of volcanoes, which no longer work, so the flower plantations are located at a level not less than 2500 meters above the sea. In such places plants are naturally fertilized with ashes, and clean air positively affects the process of their growth. Thanks to a special climate, Ecuadorian roses are "stretched" to please future buyers with high stems.

Favorable climate of Ecuador allows to grow flowers with large buds, which for a long time please with freshness and beauty. And still here you can find stunning roses of juicy, bright and noble shades, which effectively look in bouquets. The fertile soil is perfectly suitable not only for the cultivation of these, but also for many other plants.

Where to buy this type of product in Kiev?

Flower Shop BuketLand provides an opportunity to buy an Ecuadorian rose in Kiev at an attractive price. We offer exclusively fresh buds, which will long please the eye. And we regularly supplement the range with bright and juicy shades of roses, which will not leave indifferent even the most demanding customers. Prompt delivery of bouquets will allow you to save time and make a pleasant surprise close.

If you have been looking for a long time, where you can order an imported rose in Kiev, write to our consultants on the site. They will tell you which bouquet should be chosen for a particular case, and the couriers will deliver the purchase at the specified address on time. Your lady will be pleasantly surprised by such a pleasant surprise and will never forget him.

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