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Bouquets of Holland roses with delivery to Kiev

Holland rose Freedom 80-90 cm photoHolland rose Freedom 80-90 cm photo
Holland rose Freedom 80-90 cm

90 грн

Sale21 red Dutch Rose 140 cm photo21 red Dutch Rose 140 cm photo
21 red Dutch Rose 140 cm

3105 грн 3455 грн

35 Dutch red roses 80 cm photo35 Dutch red roses 80 cm photo
35 Dutch red roses 80 cm

2565 грн

17 red Dutch roses photo17 red Dutch roses photo
17 red Dutch roses

1415 грн

11 red Dutch roses photo11 red Dutch roses photo
11 red Dutch roses

995 грн

101 red Dutch rose Freedom photo101 red Dutch rose Freedom photo
101 red Dutch rose Freedom

8165 грн

49 red Dutch roses Freedom photo49 red Dutch roses Freedom photo
49 red Dutch roses Freedom

3295 грн

25 red Dutch roses Freedom photo25 red Dutch roses Freedom photo
25 red Dutch roses Freedom

1890 грн

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Rose Holland

A bouquet of chic roses is the best gift for any occasion. A young girl, an elegant woman, a colleague, a friend, a beloved woman, each will appreciate such a present. However, this gift will be really pleasant only if the roses look good, smell pleasantly, amaze with their splendor and at the same time stand. The best choice will be an imported rose, Kiev today offers such flowers in a huge assortment.

Holland or domestic

For the most part, in conventional flower shops, roses of domestic origin are sold, since they are available almost all the year round and have an excellent competitive price. However, Dutch flowers have many advantages, for which they appreciate and florists, and just lovers of beautiful roses. A bouquet of Dutch roses Kiev offers to buy at a very attractive price, and really pay for what.

The main advantage of such imported colors is their stress resistance. They perfectly carry both storage and transportation. After cutting, the roses will be in the bouquet for more than one week, with proper care the flowers will please their beauty and freshness for up to two weeks. Buy a Dutch rose in Kiev, you can even in the winter and autumn seasons, and this is a great opportunity to please beautiful women, regardless of the date on the calendar.

The main difference between roses of this origin is thick and strong stems. Thanks to them, the flowers keep their freshness for so long. Their smell is light, unobtrusive, such a bouquet will be pleasant even to those who do not like too strong floral flavors. Another advantage of Dutch bouquets is their impressive appearance. The buds are large and dense, the greens are bright and dense, and therefore even a small number of plants look lush and chic. Imported rose in Kiev is the best option for making popular bouquets today full-length, full-length, bouquets of several dozen colors.

Variety of varieties

In Holland today for the import of cultivated several of the most popular varieties, which in Ukraine can be bought at a very reasonable price. The bouquet of Dutch roses Kiev offers in a variety of colors, although the most common is still the classic red. Freedom is an ideal variety for chic bouquets.

Given that the delivery of Dutch roses across Kiev can be carried out at any time and anywhere in the city, it will be a universal gift, which you do not have to worry about for a long time. Roses of this kind have large buds up to 10 centimeters in length, and over time they do not open and retain their ideal dense shape.

Holland roses are also beautiful in white. Domestic producers often cultivate varieties that are distinguished by small buds, but very delicate petals. At the same time, imported flowers make it possible to create really beautiful compositions of only 10-15 colors. Such flowers are perfect for a wedding gift or a bridal bouquet, as they will easily transfer the heat and long trips.

A pleasant surprise

When you need to buy a Dutch rose, Kiev offers many options, but only in a large floral salon, on a special website you can order the right amount of flowers, and do not have to wait when they appear in stock. Such a gift will be appreciated not only by women, but also by men, because the quality of these flowers, their beautiful correct structure, the absence of any defects, pleasantly amazes.

Delivery of Holland roses across Kiev can be carried out even day in day. To do this, it is enough to make an order until 19 hours on the same day. This is the best opportunity for those who prefer to make pleasant surprises spontaneously or reminisce about holidays and memorable dates at the last moment. For lovers of planning there is another convenient service - an advance order of a bouquet of chic Dutch roses. You can make an application at any convenient time, and on the required day a fresh fragrant bouquet will be delivered to the address. Possible and delivery in the evening and night, for a small surcharge, the courier will bring flowers to the address even after 23.00.