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Bouquets of Kenya roses with delivery in Kiev

Kenyan rose 50 cm in stock photoKenyan rose 50 cm in stock photo

44 грн

Bouquet of flowers "Dawn Clouds" photoBouquet of flowers "Dawn Clouds" photo

1464 грн

SaleBouquet giant "Wind of Change" photoBouquet giant "Wind of Change" photo

1662 грн 2262 грн

SaleBouquet of flowers "Charm of Provence" + VASE AS A GIFT photoBouquet of flowers "Charm of Provence" + VASE AS A GIFT photo

1130 грн 1630 грн

Bouquet of flowers "Palette" photoBouquet of flowers "Palette" photo

712 грн

Bouquet of flowers "Sherwood" photoBouquet of flowers "Sherwood" photo

1179 грн

SaleBouquet of flowers "Charm of Provence" + VASE AS A GIFT photoBouquet of flowers "Charm of Provence" + VASE AS A GIFT photo

1437 грн 1837 грн

Bouquet of flowers "Sunset" photoBouquet of flowers "Sunset" photo

961 грн

SaleBouquet of flowers "Your Inspiration" photoBouquet of flowers "Your Inspiration" photo

846 грн 996 грн

Bouquet of flowers "Rendezvous" photoBouquet of flowers "Rendezvous" photo

803 грн

Bouquet of flowers "First date" photoBouquet of flowers "First date" photo

1440 грн

Bouquet of flowers "Marseille" photoBouquet of flowers "Marseille" photo

2765 грн

Bouquet of flowers "Princess Anna" photoBouquet of flowers "Princess Anna" photo

1061 грн

Bouquet of flowers "Sugar dreams" photoBouquet of flowers "Sugar dreams" photo

1295 грн

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Rose Kenya

Among all the flowers, the rose stands out for its beauty and indescribable fragrance. She is graceful and beautiful and more than once inspired poets and artists. This is the most popular flower and the favorite of all women. This is the best gift for a woman in love and a beautiful design for any garden.

Today, there are about a thousand varieties of this beautiful plant, but breeders do not stop at this and carry out various works in order to bring out new species.

Kenya roses

Among varieties a special place is occupied by roses from Africa. They come in different colors: pink, yellow, red, orange and other shades. Buy a bouquet of Kenyan roses in Kiev, you can in the store BuketLand. The site presents different varieties.

Their aroma cannot be confused with the smell of other flowers, it is special and peculiar, it can not be compared with anything. Put these beautiful flowers in a vase and you will enjoy their fragrance for a long time, which will fill the entire room and will last for a long time. These flowers are very suitable for aromatherapy. The rose from Kenya Kiev is brought cheaply offers bouquets from this plant in our shop.

Where grows

The rose is called Kenyan because it is brought from Kenya. This state is actively engaged in the cultivation of roses and exports it to other countries. Kiev offers to buy a Kenyan rose grown in this place. There all conditions are suitable for this: warm climate, mountains, enough water. Kenyans cultivate this plant in huge greenhouses. These greenhouses are located high in the mountains around the beautiful Lake Naivash.

Kenyan rose is of two types - single-headed and spray. The leaves of this plant gleam a little. As with the usual varieties of branches covered with spikes. The leaves are dark green in color, dense and shiny. The inflorescences of the plant are small and they thickly cover the bush. These flowers are able to retain their fragrance and original fresh look for a long time with proper care. Give your woman a bouquet of these gorgeous flowers. Buy a rose from Kenya cheaply in Kiev today without much difficulty. But what happiness will enjoy its unique aroma for many days.


If you left for another city or country, then this is no reason to leave your woman unattended. A bouquet of Kenyan roses will be delivered to Kiev in a short time, and your sweetheart will receive a love message from you while you are away. Transportation is not terrible to this plant, it is firm and can withstand any travel.

Buy Kenyan roses with delivery in Kiev offers our flower shop BuketLand. Not only affordable prices, but also elegant design attract customers to our store. A team of experienced florists-designers is able to present any flower so that it becomes more beautiful many times. A bouquet of Kenyan roses Kiev offers to buy in different compositions. It can be a mono-bouquet, or a combination of different types of flowers. Choose to your taste or the taste of your darling. Any selected bouquet will look stunning, as it is made by professionals. Low and the price of the Kenyan rose Kiev offers the purchase of this flower at an affordable price.

Delivery of roses from Kenya to Kiev allows you to get a happy owner of fresh mountain roses right in your hands. It is so romantic to receive a bouquet from a beloved man. And if it is also accompanied by a little note in the form of a heart or a box of delicious chocolate, then this is the dream of every woman in love.

To please your beloved is not difficult - today in the store you can find any flower, even the rarest. To surprise and delight your woman constantly is the task of a real man.