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Bouquets of spray roses with delivery in Kiev

Sale9 spray roses Bombastic photo9 spray roses Bombastic photo

590 грн 790 грн

Bouquet of 25 spray roses Bombastic photoBouquet of 25 spray roses Bombastic photo

1350 грн

Bouquet of 7 spray roses Bombastic photoBouquet of 7 spray roses Bombastic photo

670 грн

SaleBouquet of 17 spray roses Bombastic photoBouquet of 17 spray roses Bombastic photo

1000 грн 1250 грн

15 bushy pink roses photo15 bushy pink roses photo

900 грн

51 rose bush rose beige photo51 rose bush rose beige photo

2100 грн

101 pink rose spray photo101 pink rose spray photo

3800 грн

51 cluster rose mix photo51 cluster rose mix photo

2200 грн

33 pink roses spray photo33 pink roses spray photo

1450 грн

25 pink roses spray photo25 pink roses spray photo

1320 грн

31 yellow rose spray photo31 yellow rose spray photo

1400 грн

31 red rose spray photo31 red rose spray photo

1400 грн

Round box with flowers 2 | size S photoRound box with flowers 2 | size S photo

565 грн

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Rose spray

Rose spray in the bouquet - an exquisite and luxurious gift

Rose spray - one of the varieties of the flower, which is characterized by smaller inflorescences and their large number on one branch. Such flowers are elegant, beautiful and look cute in a bouquet. They can be complemented by large flowers of another species or by some herbaceous plants. Florists offer fairly affordable prices at which you can buy a bouquet of spray roses Kiev - a huge metropolis and a variety of varieties it presents just a whopping. Here are the flowers from different regions, different varieties, shades and sizes. Even an experienced buyer will be amazed at how a huge assortment of such flowers is presented for purchase as a gift for a holiday. In this case, a good bonus is the affordable price of the rose spray. Kiev, as a large city, represents a big competition on the market for florists, and each of them wants to impress and attract the consumer.

Varieties of spray rose compositions

Florists have learned to masterly use the main advantages of a spray rose, which include resistance in a bouquet, elegance, a variety of shades and compatibility with other flowers. It is for these reasons that a huge variety of compositions are compiled from these types of colors, which are in constant demand:

  • classic bouquets. The most common option that is most in demand on the market is a cheap rose spray Kiev offers to purchase bouquets of various sizes from this flower variety with additions of other plants or solo. Shrub rose looks great in one color or several. The single twig looks the least advantageous, so florists have learned how to combine a flower;
  • as a background for the design of a gift. For example, a fairly common option is to arrange a gift in a box and, in addition, to buy a bush rose Kiev dictates the fashion for such presents and a small bouquet in the box with the main gift has become customary. Quite often, the flower is used for the bride's bouquet and as a decoration for the groom's coat buttonhole, which makes the pair of clothes harmonious and matching with each other;
  • as a box with flowers. Florists offer to buy a shrub rose with delivery to Kiev in a gift box, where the flowers are set on a special floral roller for long-term preservation. Boxes are presented in the form of hearts, round, hat and others.

Florists also offer to buy a bouquet of rose spray in Kiev in the form of various figures, as well as with the addition of a postcard, candy boxes or a soft toy. Flowers are widely used to decorate halls, for example, in the form of garlands.

The purchase of bouquets of spray roses in the shop "BuketLand"

Shop "BuketLand" provides an opportunity to buy a rose spray cheap in Kiev in bouquets and compositions. The advantages of purchasing a bouquet in the store:

  • affordable cost, set by the store for a bouquet of bush roses; delivery to Kiev is free of charge;
  • the possibility of round-the-clock order and delivery;
  • non-cash payment of a bouquet, which makes it possible to arrange delivery from another city, at any time of the day and using different payment systems;
  • the widest range of bouquets, compositions, ways to use the flower for a gift;
  • fast delivery;
  • fresh cut plants that are stored in a specially equipped chamber. Delivery of rose spray to Kiev is carried out in cars specially equipped for this purpose.

Bouquets are made by professional florists, taking into account the peculiarities of the plant and its compatibility with other flowers or herbs. Packaging is done depending on the preferences of the customer and the hue of the buds.