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Bouquets of tulips with delivery in Kiev

151 tulips in stock photo151 tulips in stock photo

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101 tulip mix (3 colors) photo101 tulip mix (3 colors) photo

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33 tulip mix (2 colors) photo33 tulip mix (2 colors) photo

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25 tulip mix (3 colors) photo25 tulip mix (3 colors) photo

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25 tulip mix (2 colors) photo25 tulip mix (2 colors) photo

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21 tulip mix (3 colors) photo21 tulip mix (3 colors) photo

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21 tulip mix (2 colors) photo21 tulip mix (2 colors) photo

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With the help of our flower delivery service in Kiev and the region, you can order delivery of a bouquet of tulips by courier to your house. In the assortment there is always a selection of gentle mixes from tulips to your taste. If you want to buy tulips in Kiev and pick them up yourself, you need to contact the manager by phone and clarify the presence of tulips in the warehouse.

His Majesty the Tulip

Think for a moment about the most beautiful time of the year - spring. What do you immediately imagine before your eyes? Melting snow, the appearance of the first kidneys in the trees, flowering and scents around. And flowers? What flowers do you associate with the spring? We are sure that the majority will respond equally - tulips. Many are waiting for spring precisely because of these beautiful and colorful, unusually tender buds that crumble all over the earth, as if some kind of multi-colored glass broke. Tulips are loved and appreciated for their pleasant delicate aroma, richness of shapes and colors. Of these colors, it's easy to create an amazing and breathtaking composition that gives them the opportunity to find more and more fans.

Tulip belongs to the family of Liliaceae, it has many forms and colors, varieties and subspecies. A distinctive feature of tulips is the absence of a sharp aroma: it is either completely absent or there is a slight smell of greens.

How did the tulips appear?

There are two beautiful legends about tulips. One of them says that the envious of the Persian prince could convince the latter that his beloved died. From despair and despair, the prince mounted his horse, dispersed it and crashed against the rocks. In the place where the blood was spilled, beautiful red flowers sprouted. According to this legend, tulips have become the eternal symbols of passionate feelings and recognition in love.

The second legend tells us that the yellow tulip contained happiness, but he did not have enough strength to open. And only after falling into innocent children's hands, under the influence of sincerity and real life, he agreed to reveal himself.

The first mention of tulips is dated to the 6th-7th century in the Persian annals. In this country it was called "dyulbash", i.e. "turban". After a decade, the tulip appeared in the Ottoman Empire, where for the first time the Sultan's concubines began to be cultivated by him. At that time, the tulip was considered valuable to such an extent that the export of it outside of Turkey was considered illegal and punished with the death penalty. In 1554, the Austrian ambassador managed to take the bulb of the tulip to the botanical garden of Vienna, and then this flower was found in other European countries. To show you the whole value of tulips at that time, it is worth noting that just three bulbs of this amazing flower could buy a whole house.

What do the tulips symbolize?

In the language of flowers the generally accepted interpretation of tulips has become such definitions: "mutual understanding", "happiness" and "hope." As for the color range, the red tulips express the passion and deep power of love; pink tulips express a feeling of tenderness and affection; white tulips report gentle and sincere feelings; purple tulips symbolize attachment, and yellow tulips wish happiness and cheer up (contrary to the generally accepted stereotype that "yellow tulips are messengers of separation").

Bouquets of tulips

To date, a bouquet of tulips has become the most popular gift for girls and women in the spring period. If you want to really surprise your lover, then to give a bouquet of tulips in autumn or winter is the most suitable option, because modern technologies allow to grow these tender buds throughout the year.

To give bouquets from tulips it is possible and necessary for girls and women of any age and for any reason. First of all, such a bouquet is given to close people, as a sign of expressing tender feelings and wishes for happiness. The variety of shapes and colors allows choosing the most suitable variant and it is pleasant to please the owner of the bouquet. It is worth saying that tulips are rarely combined in bouquets with other flowers and all this because these flowers do not need additional accents, emphasizing their beauty. Tulips are beautiful in themselves. Buy bouquets of tulips in Kiev or order their delivery to the house and then we are sure that the joy of the second half will always reign in your house.

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