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Букетик хороший вышел. Переживал, что высота в 50 см это мало, но по факту отлично. В самый раз
2019-04-04 15:33:01 | г.смт. Гостомель
Заказывала букет для близкого человека. Всё подробно объяснили, рассказали, показали. Очень дружелюбны и отзывчивы. Даже писали на почту, как обстоит ситуация с доставкой! Очень профессиональны. Спасибо Вам огромное!
2019-03-22 17:40:38 | г.Tallinn, Estonia
Спасибо большое за ваши услуги. Буду рекомендовать вашу компанию друзьям! :)
2019-03-02 20:16:42 | г.Киев
Thank you. Your are the best!!!!
2018-06-18 20:25:00 | г.Kyiv
About us

Kharkiv is one and a half million metropolis, which is the second most populous in Ukraine. In this cultural, industrial and economic center, flower delivery Kharkov is also the first Ukrainian capital, and is a very popular service. This is natural, because thanks to this service, customers can send a flower message in tandem with fruit, toys or sweets to any address, making a surprise to relatives, loved ones or colleagues. BuketLand has been successfully developing in this segment since 2013, providing customers with first-class service for very modest money. With us you can also order flower delivery to Kiev and delivery throughout Ukraine. Kharkov is one of the most popular cities where flower delivery is in demand, but in addition to the first and second capital in Ukraine, there are as many cities as Lviv, Poltava, Dnipro, Zaporizhia, Odessa and others, where you can order flower delivery for your relatives and friends by courier. To buy flowers to Kharkov, they are delivered in refrigerators, on our company's website - always a wise decision for those who are used to getting the best without overpaying.

Buying Online is Convenient and Profitable

Total computerization and the worldwide expansion of the Internet have led to the rapid development of Internet commerce. Today, on the Internet, you can order almost any product or service available in real life. Flowers delivery to Kharkov - is no exception. Ordering them on our website, you get a number of undeniable advantages. Here are the most compelling ones:

  • Saving. It is important not only for the time spent searching for the right bouquet, but also for funds that are spent in smaller quantities for online purchases.
  • Comfort. More recently, when flower delivery in Kharkov was a rarity, people had to order a bouquet in advance, then go through the entire city to pick it up, and then come back with a purchase, which often lost its visual appeal after being transported by public transport.
  • Guarantees. We value our reputation therefore we sell only fresh cut plants. Flowers delivery to Kharkiv is carried out in refrigerators, inside of which the optimum humidity and temperature are maintained, and they are also stored in special conditions that ensure their freshness within the allowed storage periods.

Variety of Choices

BuketLand is a diversified company with a wide geography of presence in the Ukrainian market. One of the priority cities in the strategy of our development has become Kharkov flower delivery in which is carried out in accordance with European quality standards. In the company catalog there are proposals for customers with different needs, financial capabilities and aesthetic claims. We can not only order flowers with delivery to Kharkov, but also purchase a number of related products, with the help of which it is easy to make a greeting / gift / surprise more spectacular.

Trust the Professionals

The company BuketLand is a leader in most major Ukrainian cities. This was made possible thanks to a well-thought-out development strategy, which involves:

  • Improve the quality of service. Competent consultations, various forms of payment and prompt courier delivery of flowers to Kharkiv, which is carried out in compliance with all the rules for the transportation of perishable goods, are available to customers.
  • Expansion of the range of services provided. Due to this, customers have the opportunity to comprehensively solve their problems in one place.
  • The introduction of effective loyalty programs. Promotional goods are always available on the site with a good discount, offers are periodically valid, suggesting the presence of a valuable gift to purchase.
  • Reducing the price of goods and services. We have flowers on the house in Kharkov are significantly cheaper than in the market.

It is not possible to find a more attractive offer, BuketLand is the best choice!

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