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Flowers for a man in Kiev

Sale11 mix roses red-white 50 cm photo11 mix roses red-white 50 cm photo

409 грн 559 грн

Sale25 mix roses red-white 50 cm photo25 mix roses red-white 50 cm photo

664 грн 814 грн

Sale33 red roses 50 cm photo33 red roses 50 cm photo

822 грн 972 грн

Sale11 red roses 50 cm photo11 red roses 50 cm photo

424 грн 574 грн

Sale21 red rose 50 cm photo21 red rose 50 cm photo

614 грн 764 грн

Sale33 white rose 50 cm photo33 white rose 50 cm photo

623 грн 773 грн

Sale21 white rose 50 cm photo21 white rose 50 cm photo

551 грн 701 грн

Sale11 white roses 50 cm photo11 white roses 50 cm photo

391 грн 541 грн

Sale33 red roses 60 cm photo33 red roses 60 cm photo

888 грн 1038 грн

Sale31 red rose 60 cm photo31 red rose 60 cm photo

916 грн 1066 грн

Sale11 red roses 60 cm photo11 red roses 60 cm photo

446 грн 596 грн

Sale15 red roses 60 cm photo15 red roses 60 cm photo

490 грн 640 грн

Sale21 red rose 60 cm photo21 red rose 60 cm photo

656 грн 806 грн

Sale25 red roses 60 cm photo25 red roses 60 cm photo

700 грн 850 грн

Sale33 white rose 60 cm photo33 white rose 60 cm photo

855 грн 1005 грн


Men receive beautiful bouquets no less pleasant than women. This tradition is already entrenched in America and Europe, gradually conquering all new countries. Special bouquets for special men will make up the florists BuketLand, flower delivery in turn will allow you to really surprise a gentleman.

The classic version - roses calm tones. White or maroon, they will be a great gift for a special occasion. As a gift without a reason, you can choose miniature compositions of 5-11 colors in a simple design. On a special occasion, it is worthwhile to order a chic bouquet of unusual flowers: calla lilies are perfectly combined with orchids, brunia with gerberas and unusual greens.

Often, women do not dare to openly express their sympathy or appreciation, and therefore do not want to personally give flowers to a man. Courier BuketLand perfectly cope with this task. A strong floor will definitely appreciate the convenience, practicality of such a decision, as well as the punctuality of the courier.

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