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Flowers for bride in city Kiev

Bouquet of exotic mix | size XL photoBouquet of exotic mix | size XL photo

4425 грн

Sale101 rose mix red and white 50 cm photo101 rose mix red and white 50 cm photo

1902 грн 2283 грн

Sale51 rose mix red-white 50 cm photo51 rose mix red-white 50 cm photo

1067 грн 1473 грн

151 rose mix red and white 60 cm photo151 rose mix red and white 60 cm photo

3762 грн

101 red rose 50 cm photo101 red rose 50 cm photo

1693 грн 2634 грн

101 white rose 50 cm photo101 white rose 50 cm photo

2035 грн

51 red rose 60 cm photo51 red rose 60 cm photo

1437 грн

101 red rose 60 cm photo101 red rose 60 cm photo

2637 грн

151 white rose 60 cm photo151 white rose 60 cm photo

3990 грн

101 white rose 60 cm photo101 white rose 60 cm photo

2940 грн

51 white rose 60 cm photo51 white rose 60 cm photo

1590 грн

151 peony in a basket photo151 peony in a basket photo

21020 грн

Composition of 501 pions photoComposition of 501 pions photo

56170 грн

15 pink peonies photo15 pink peonies photo

2575 грн


Flowers for the bride is not just a gift, but also part of a bright holiday, so you should choose, taking into account many factors. If you want to stand out among other guests, give the bride something really interesting, or present a bouquet in the chosen wedding style, BuketLand flower delivery will help you find the perfect option.

First of all, the bouquet should be chosen according to the style of the wedding and the type of decoration. The official celebration is the best reason to present gorgeous roses. If you plan an informal party, it is better to stop the choice on exotic flowers. Thematic celebrations dictate their conditions: a trendy ecological style is chosen - it is worth giving daisies, a wedding on the beach - freesias will suit, a winter wedding - an exceptionally white bouquet. The composition should contain white, cream elements, they will emphasize the special meaning of this gift and make even the most unusual bouquet appropriate.

Not necessarily on the wedding day to spend time on shopping. Flower delivery, advance order placement will make it possible not to worry about it on an important and important day.