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Flowers to the daddy in Kiev

Sale11 mix roses red-white 50 cm photo11 mix roses red-white 50 cm photo

409 грн 559 грн

Sale25 mix roses red-white 50 cm photo25 mix roses red-white 50 cm photo

664 грн 814 грн

Sale33 red roses 50 cm photo33 red roses 50 cm photo

822 грн 972 грн

Sale11 red roses 50 cm photo11 red roses 50 cm photo

424 грн 574 грн

Sale21 red rose 50 cm photo21 red rose 50 cm photo

614 грн 764 грн

Sale33 white rose 50 cm photo33 white rose 50 cm photo

623 грн 773 грн

Sale21 white rose 50 cm photo21 white rose 50 cm photo

551 грн 701 грн

Sale11 white roses 50 cm photo11 white roses 50 cm photo

391 грн 541 грн

Sale33 red roses 60 cm photo33 red roses 60 cm photo

888 грн 1038 грн

Sale31 red rose 60 cm photo31 red rose 60 cm photo

916 грн 1066 грн

Sale11 red roses 60 cm photo11 red roses 60 cm photo

446 грн 596 грн

Sale15 red roses 60 cm photo15 red roses 60 cm photo

490 грн 640 грн

Sale21 red rose 60 cm photo21 red rose 60 cm photo

656 грн 806 грн

Sale25 red roses 60 cm photo25 red roses 60 cm photo

700 грн 850 грн

Sale33 white rose 60 cm photo33 white rose 60 cm photo

855 грн 1005 грн


Every professional florist knows - bouquets for men require special attention to detail. If the gift is intended for the father, you should carefully select the flowers that he will definitely like. Male bouquets should not just show any feelings, they must correspond to the strong, resolute, strong-willed nature of their recipients. That is why the compositions are made up of flowers such as roses, chrysanthemums, gerberas, sunflowers. At the same time, it is not customary for fathers to give large bouquets, several large flowers and original additions to them will be enough to create a complete picture.

Bouquets for fathers do not require rich decoration: flowers from BuketLand are always fresh, so they will be the center of attention. The laconic box of a simple form, paper of classical color or a usual tape will become the excellent choice. Flowers delivered to Kiev and other areas of the region can be ordered directly online. A simple application form will help to do it quickly, and experienced specialists will select the perfect composition in a matter of minutes.

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