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Flowers sister in Kiev

Sale21 red Dutch Rose 140 cm photo21 red Dutch Rose 140 cm photo

2340 грн 2540 грн

SaleComposition of 33 roses mix in the shape of a heart photoComposition of 33 roses mix in the shape of a heart photo

1235 грн 1335 грн

Bouquet from the florist "I'm near" photoBouquet from the florist "I'm near" photo

1015 грн

301 METER red rose photo301 METER red rose photo

13631 грн

Bouquet of flowers "San Marino" photoBouquet of flowers "San Marino" photo

955 грн

Author's bouquet "Intriga" photoAuthor's bouquet "Intriga" photo

675 грн 775 грн

51 Roses Miss Piggy photo51 Roses Miss Piggy photo

1844 грн

41 roses Miss Piggy photo41 roses Miss Piggy photo

1504 грн

51 roses Aqua photo51 roses Aqua photo

1793 грн

41 roses Aqua photo41 roses Aqua photo

1463 грн

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Reviews of flower delivery in Kiev (497)

It is not easy to choose a bouquet for your beloved sister: you need to find something unusual, and not disappoint, and often meet a limited budget. It is even more difficult to find something worthy for such a loved one, if the sisters live in different cities. Flowers with delivery to Kiev from BuketLand is the best opportunity to present the freshest buds, not coming personally, if there is simply no such opportunity.

The secret to choosing the perfect bouquet for my sister is simple: the composition should express something personal. Let it be your favorite color, especially, a huge selection of varieties allows you to create a composition even in such unusual colors as blue, green, orange. You should definitely add your favorite flowers, be it ranunculus or eustoma, peony roses. Women always especially closely evaluate bouquets from relatives, therefore it is worth considering the language of flowers. Yellow color - moral support and a hint of optimism, white color as a symbol of tenderness and femininity, irises, carnations as a sign of strong friendship. Any composition can be compiled by experts of BuketLand, and then delivered by courier directly into the hands of your beloved sister.