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Krivoy Rog, Украина, Krivoy Rog
Winter collection 2020
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Feedback from our customer (441)
Букетик хороший вышел. Переживал, что высота в 50 см это мало, но по факту отлично. В самый раз
2019-04-04 15:33:01 | г.смт. Гостомель
Заказывала букет для близкого человека. Всё подробно объяснили, рассказали, показали. Очень дружелюбны и отзывчивы. Даже писали на почту, как обстоит ситуация с доставкой! Очень профессиональны. Спасибо Вам огромное!
2019-03-22 17:40:38 | г.Tallinn, Estonia
Спасибо большое за ваши услуги. Буду рекомендовать вашу компанию друзьям! :)
2019-03-02 20:16:42 | г.Киев
Быстрая доставка, девушка была тронута, очень свежие розы.
2018-12-21 21:18:42 | г.Киев
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About us

Such a service as flower delivery in Krivoy Rog is a highly demanded service. It's so nice to give a bright and magnificent bouquet to your sweetheart, relative, friend or colleague. Of course, everyone wants to present a really fresh and extraordinary bouquet. The attitude both to the gift and to the donor depends on it.

It is necessary to take a very responsible approach to the choice of flowers, if you wish to surprise the recipient with a presented bouquet. For example, girls are recommended to give flowers of pink or peach shades. Older women are better to give exotic plants. If you do not know what to present to a loved one, then be sure to seek professional help from the specialists of our floristic studio Buketland. Here you will be helped to choose the option by which you will make the best impression on your loved one.

What flowers to buy in Krivoy Rog

We give examples that are sure to help you in life. So, if you just started dating a girl, give her a gerbera. These flowers are perfect for flirting - that beautiful period of time, which is called the “candy-bouquet period”. To order flowers with delivery in Krivoy Rog, contact our company Buketland.

Irises are a neutral flower that can be presented to both the boss and just a friend. Irises emphasize that you trust a girl or woman, consider her wise.


Callas emphasize the present adoration of his beloved. Use our flower delivery in Krivoy Rog to emphasize your tender, deep feelings.

Daffodils - this is a great reason to resume a broken relationship.

Orchids will express all your passion and sensuality, serious intentions in relation to the girlfriend.

Roses - the eternal symbol of love and passion. Choose such flowers with delivery in Krivoy Rog, in order to express how much love your sweetheart.

Love is symbolized not only by roses, but also by tulips. However, such love has nothing to do with banal copulation - it is pure, elevated and pure.

Chamomiles symbolize youth, the first quivering love, and therefore best suited to young gentlemen.

Compositions of several colors will not only express your feelings, but also emphasize ingenuity and creativity.

As you can see, we offer a variety of flowers to the house in Krivoy Rog - you just have to choose your favorite option.

To place an order, you only need to visit our online store, without leaving your home or office.

Usually in urban markets there is a rather poor selection of colors. Our company has a large selection of colors, designed for any buyer and for all occasions.

The benefits of contacting our company


Having ordered the delivery of flowers in Krivoy Rog with us, you will receive not only the flowers themselves, but also the original design. For registration, Buketland employees use special paper, bows, baskets, boxes or other accessories. Together with flowers, you can give your loved ones sweets or soft toys.

In Kryvyi Rih, flower delivery is carried out by many companies. But only in Buketland approach the process of forming bouquets and delivery, not only with skill, but also with love. Bouquets are collected "for the customer", for this purpose, only fresh and high-quality plants are used.

Express delivery of flowers in Krivoy Rog is carried out within a few hours after placing the order. Agree that it is rather convenient, than to be engaged in transportation of bouquets. Regular customers get nice discounts. Do not miss the opportunity to order delivery of a bouquet to specialists - call us now!

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