Today we will tell about one more unusual flower of the family of Aroids. Fashion for flowers, too, exists, but beauty never passes. And this flower can not but cause admiration and surprise, it has a special magnetism and attracts the eyes of its beauty and mystery.

In the name of the plant, in Latin, there are two words - "tail" and "flower". It comes from the distant tropics and subtropics of South and Central America, where the anthuriums are the most common (the Andes and the Cordilleras). In this regard, the flower is very demanding for good lighting, requires a lot of moisture and heat.

Residents of the rainforest esteem this flower as a symbol of prosperity and happiness, and love to decorate their homes, especially in the first month after the marriage.

Like the callas, his bright veil (collar) also looks like a petal, although in fact it is a leaf. The coverlet, like the inflorescence, is usually white or green, but this petal-blend red, purple, pink or multicolored color looks very effective-white-green, red-green, white with pink strokes or dots, etc. The lighter the color of the veil and the inflorescence, the softer its smell. This property is connected in a strange way with the flower pollinators - each type of insect chooses its own smell. Therefore, when ordering a bouquet, pay attention to this, and experts from the flower delivery service Kiev will fulfill any of your wishes.

With high humidity, the veil is fully opened, and if the flower does not have enough moisture, its cover is enveloped by the inflorescence and collects droplets of moisture on the inner surface.

There is one more feature of the anturium. In different phases of flowering, it looks like a female or as a male. During the female phase, only the stigmas are visible, which attract pollinators with a sweet viscous liquid, which acts as droplets on their surface. Stamens also hide in the depth of the perianth until this liquid dries, and then begin to develop rapidly, sometimes even closing the stigma. Therefore, it is appropriate to present an anthurium in a bouquet or in a composition with his participation to both a man and a woman.

It is commonly believed that this flower symbolizes luck and happiness, and helps make life long and prosperous. And anthurium is a symbol of strength, passion, courage, love and freedom - everything that is connected to women with the idea of ​​a man, and men so love in reality.