Bridal bouquet - how to choose?

Bridal bouquet - how to choose?

For each girl, the wedding day is the most important and tremulous day in her life. And of course any bride wants to turn it into an unforgettable, colorful and magical. The appearance of the bride is undoubtedly the most important event for all guests, but as you know, most attention is paid to small things. Wedding bouquet is something that any wedding does not do without. The right choice of a wedding bouquet, the correct selection of colors - the key to success and completeness of the image of the bride.

Bouquet of the bride - flower delivery
In this article we will give you a couple of tips on how to choose the right wedding bouquet.

1. Correspondence of the image

Choose the flowers for the bouquet should be based on the design of your wedding dress, the style of the wedding, the color of the wedding room. Be sure to bring a photograph of your dress to your florist, or even better, a sample of cloth, as well as a photo of the place where the ceremony will take place. Golden rule of florists - "A wedding bouquet should complement the bride's dress, and not compete with him." A modest wedding dress can be complemented by a chic bouquet with crystals and silk ribbons, and a luxurious, richly decorated dress - on the contrary, requires a bouquet without excesses.

2. The shape of the bouquet

There are many different forms of wedding bouquet - round, cascade, beech-sphere, etc. a professional florist can independently advise you the appropriate form, based on your preferences. The imaginary image and style of the wedding ceremony.

3. Handle decoration

A bouquet on its stems looks very natural and harmonious. Modern florists use satin ribbons or fabric for tying stems. This solution looks pretty stylish, if you can find the appropriate color gamut. It is also important to control the length of the handle of the bouquet. too long or a disproportionate pen will look ugly in the photos and spoil the overall picture of your image.

4. Aroma of flowers

You can conquer your guests not only with the stunning look of your bouquet, but also with its aroma. Thin notes of lilac or luxurious roses and peonies will not become superfluous in your bouquet. Wedding bridal bouquets are becoming more popular, where, in addition to flowers, skilful florists manage to add citrus fruits. Yes, you did not! And now imagine this juicy and intoxicating scent!

5. Attitude to the bouquet

How long your wedding bouquet will delight you and your guests with fresh looks depends not only on the freshness of the flowers, but on your attitude towards it. Do not forget that for wedding bouquet it is best to use more hardy flowers - roses, peonies, lilies. More fragile varieties require careful care.

We wish all brides to make the right choice of a wedding bouquet in order to turn the most important day in the life of any girl into a real fairy tale!