What to do if the guy does not give flowers

What to do if the guy does not give flowers

Each girl wants to get as much as possible from her beloved guy as many signs of attention in their direction. Believe that this is really important for every member of the fairer sex. One of the most popular gifts are, of course, fresh flowers. But there are times when a guy does not give his beloved chic bouquets, and in this article we will try to find out the reasons for this inaction.

No matter how trying any girl, the appearance of the beauties does not always contribute to the generosity of the opposite sex. Women in essence consider gifts from men as an indicator of his generosity, taste and, of course, his attitude towards you.

Initially, it may be in the formulation of the problem itself. There are two cases - when the girl subtly hints about her desire to receive flowers as flowers and when she is already obviously running into the guy and holding the insult. If the girl hints at the guy is quite adequate: "Look, what a beautiful bouquet! I would be pleased if you gave me such a gift ", then the gifts will be more frequent. If this sounds like an already formed insult: "Why do not you give me flowers? You do not love me at all? My mother told me that it was not necessary to marry you, "then you can completely forget about the beautiful and delicate bouquet at home from her husband.

The second source of the problem may be the girl herself. Often you can meet proud ladies with a high head and an inflated self-esteem, which they want to get from the man all at once, without giving anything in return. It's about gifts for guys. Often, these young ladies do not do absolutely no surprises for their second half, whether it's a romantic dinner or a fun trinket for the car. At the same time, constantly whine and endure the brains about the debauchery of his lover and the lack of feelings, tk. he, you see, does not give her flowers.

Dear ladies, ask yourself the question - are you ready to take care of your man the way he wants, so that he cares about you the way you want him. If the answer is negative, then alas, no one will help you here. In this case, there is an inequality in your relations, which very rarely complains about a happy family life.

What should be the right way out of this situation? Understanding and accepting by both partners that your husband is not obliged to give you a mink fur coat every year is not your father, and you are not a little girl who needs to be dressed; Your wife does not have to prepare dinner for you, if you yourself come home from work two hours before her, she is not a servant. You are both equal parts of one whole mechanism. And if you want this mechanism to work - take care of each other equally!

Then you can achieve what you want. In the meantime, "I am a woman, therefore he must", "I am a man, therefore she is obliged", believe me, there will be no happiness in such relations.

In order to get the desired bouquet of flowers from the guy, hint at him about it, tell me what you want and where you can buy it. Show an example, having decorated an apartment with compositions from real flowers - make a holiday for yourself loved by your own hands! Call the guy a sense of jealousy, ordering a small bouquet through the delivery of flowers. Do not be afraid to just ask him about such a gift, the main thing is to learn how to ask, not to demand. And most importantly - sincerely rejoice every time you receive a bouquet of fresh flowers as a gift. Your bright emotions, sincere smile and happy eyes will be wanted to see again and again to any indifferent person. Be grateful and learn to give a part of yourself to your second half - make surprises and surprise each other even for no special reason!