Flower traditions of the countries of the world

Flower traditions of the countries of the world

In all countries they like to decorate with flowers hair, dwellings, cities, to give flowers on joyous days and to pay tribute to memory in the days of mourning, to declare love in flowers and organize mass holidays of flowers.

Festival traditions

Some traditions hold festivals of flowers last for centuries, others have arisen not so long ago, but they all create an atmosphere of spiritual recovery and happiness.

On the island of Rhodes on the last Saturday of May is the Feast of Flowers as a symbol of the end of spring and early summer, and continues the tradition of ancient times.

Since 1933 in Texas, began to hold a festival of roses, dedicated to the legend of Texas - a pink rose. These are whole fields of flowering roses in the largest in the US Garden of the Rose, with vivid performances, fairs and entertainment shows.

The holiday of lilies of the valley in France on the first Sunday of May dates back to the Middle Ages. Bunches of fresh lilies of the valley were decorated with dresses, hair, houses and streets. They exchanged for the expression of friendship and love.

In Toulouse in the early spring - festival of violets, in France it is the embodiment of modesty and devotion.

For a century in the south of France, the Mimoza Festival has been held, at the end of which the most beautiful girl, the Queen of Mimosa, is chosen.

In the Land of the Rising Sun, during the flowering of the fabulously beautiful cherry blossom, all the streets, squares, parks, alleys and gardens are covered with a bewitching look with the gentle color of the symbol of Japan. This phenomenon is celebrated by the holiday "khans".

In Italy, the feeling is that the festival of flowers is daily. In this country all year round they pay attention to decorating their dwellings and city buildings, every window and balcony, streets and courtyards with flowers and sheaves of ears, bouquets and garlands.

In Spain, the festivals and competitions of Endramados and the May Crosses are loved, in which the Spaniards take part in whole families and compete in creating huge paintings of roses, stones and other natural materials, they cover the city areas with carpets of real flowers.

In China, just over 30 years ago, grounded the holiday of the peony - a symbol of love, wealth and happiness. It is on this day that a huge number of weddings are held, as a symbol of eternal love and the welfare of the future family.

An amazing flower festival more than 80 years ago founded the Royal Society. Old carts, miscellaneous utensils and broken pots, decorated with bright compositions, acquire a new life and warm the soul with memories of a happy past.

One can not help recalling the huge areas of flowering tulips and hyacinths in Holland, known throughout the world.

Bouquet traditions

The French give bouquets of tulips, roses and lilies as a symbol of sincere heart feelings. And bouquets of daisies express grief and memory of the dead.

In Italy, in bouquets, there is often a sunflower as a symbol of warmth, joy and sunlight. A chrysanthemum personifies sadness and deep sorrow and brings to the graves of the dead. At the wedding, it is generally not customary to give bouquets - there and so everything is decorated with flowers. By the way, the tradition to decorate a wedding car with flowers came to us from this country. And if you or your friends are approaching this event, the delivery of flowers in Kiev will please with punctuality and freshness of bouquets.

In Turkey, men give red tulips to beloved, white-blue and purple express grief.

Every nation has its own traditions, but the love of colors unites everyone!