Flower house design from BuketLand

Flower house design from BuketLand

Flowers in the house - warm and cozy

Any apartment, if it does not have any indoor plants, automatically becomes boring and monotonous, devoid of life and individuality. Any houseplants are able to give the apartment or house warmth and comfort, to fill the air with freshness and pleasant aroma, to demonstrate hospitality of the hosts and to bring a touch of sophistication to any interior.

Enter a variety, namely - to green your interior can be, referring for help to experienced professionals. They will be able to pick up indoor plants not only by following the laws of design, but also taking into account the physiological needs of each plant. Conducting a transplant or moving flowers should also be done only with the help of professionals. But if you feel the strength to create an original floral design in your own house, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the advice of the flower delivery service.

Which plants are suitable for the living room, bedroom and study?

It is the living room that is the main display of the warmth and comfort of your home. In this room you receive guests and relax yourself, so it is important to create here an atmosphere that will favorably influence people and display your sense of taste. Large living rooms can be decorated with tall plants, which can serve as functional partitions, allowing space to be divided into zones. For such rooms ficus or a bouffler are ideal. Small living rooms, where it is often noisy and crowded, is recommended to plant with small plants on different levels: on the floor, shelves and walls. Thus, you can create a wavy effect, in which plants will be visible at any level. Florists recommend using croton, ehmeyu or vriesia.

For the bedroom should be selected such plants that would only emphasize the atmosphere of solitude and serenity, and also contribute to relaxation. For this, you can use lavender, pelargonium, which, in addition to the soothing effect, has a pleasant, delicate aroma. Depending on the stylistic design of the bedroom, it is possible to choose more suitable plants. For example, for a bedroom in the Art Nouveau style, neoregelia, ripsalis, and ceropegia perfectly fit. We recommend also placing small flowering plants on small bedside tables, for example, begonias and primroses.

The office of your apartment or house should be adjusted to a working atmosphere. In order for your attention not to dissipate and not be distracted by other things, florists recommend placing green plants in the office of the plant. It is a well-known fact that cacti are capable of absorbing negative radiation from machinery, and as a result, they are also desirable to be placed in the workplace.

Plants for kitchen and hallway

To create an atmosphere of home comfort in your kitchen, try putting pots with ivy, chlorophytum or fern there. For the phytodesign of the kitchen, you can also choose ornamental fruit plants that will attract the eyes with bright fruits and a well-pronounced aroma.

As for the hallway and the bathroom, it is not a good idea to have indoor plants here. In these places too much lack of sunlight, frequent drafts and high humidity, which will adversely affect the plants.

Agree that sometimes even the smallest flower arrangement, can revive the interior, make it a note of sophistication and originality. With a smart placement of indoor plants your apartment will be filled with warmth and comfort, it will look very hospitable. Try to experiment, learn about the properties of a particular plant and find in your home a cozy and proper place for each plant.