Gerbera - flower of joy and happiness

Gerbera - flower of joy and happiness

What do you feel when you are happy? You probably want to smile, rejoice, you are filled with the riot of colorful emotions? That's it he is, the flower of happiness - gerbera.

Gerbera - flower of joy and happiness - flower delivery
Few people probably thought about buying a bouquet of gerberas, that this flower, which came to us from South Africa, is a close "relative" of our asters and chamomiles. By the way, in English books about flowers, the gerbera is called "trawal daisy" or "trawal chamomile". And until now the image of gerbera flaunts on the flag and the coat of arms of Mpumalanga - the South African province, which until 1995 was called the Eastern Transvaal. But the Latin name Gerbera was appropriated to this flower by a botanist from Holland Jan Gronowius in honor of his friend and colleague - also a doctor and botanist, Traugott Gerber. Although there is a very prosaic assumption of the origin of the name - from the Latin herba, which means "grass". And there is a very mythical story about this flower. According to legend, the young nymph, incredibly beautiful and just as modest, Gerba, tired of the endless signs of attention of admirers of her beauty and charm, wished to escape from obsessive courtship and turn into an uncomplicated field flower. And her beauty and charm embodied in an unassuming, but very attractive flower. So there was a gerbera, as charming, modest and clean as the beautiful Gerbe. This flower symbolizes innocence and purity, sincerity and joy.

Gerbera is a very popular flower. It is among the five best-selling flowers after the rose, carnations, chrysanthemum and tulip. And it's not accidental. After all, such a beautiful flower could not remain without attention. Simplicity and grace are combined in an amazing way. The shape and bright colors of the inflorescences are already causing joy and admiration. Baskets full of petals resemble the sun and fill the gerbera with life-affirming force. Therefore, the flower is associated with happiness, fullness of life, health, success and simultaneously with innocence and purity.

There are more than a thousand varieties of gerberas, differing by different characters. The most famous of them are about 80 species, which with great pleasure use florists to compose colorful bouquets, panels and compositions.

It is very important that a bouquet of gerberas can live in vases after a cut to twenty days. Just pour water very little, so that the stems do not rot, and change it daily. And when you decide to give a bouquet of gerberas, contact the flower delivery service in Kiev and the skillful hands of professionals will create the perfect composition according to your desire from the freshest flowers.

The color palette of gerbera inflorescences strikes with its variety. Red, white, yellow, orange, pink - they attract the eye from the first moment of color density and a huge number of shades. This is the most positive flower will be a wonderful gift for those to whom you want to express your respect, attention, respect, gratitude and admiration, and wish you joy, health, warmth and happiness!