Flowers for the bedroom

Flowers for the bedroom

Flowers in the bedroom - for or against

For many, the question of whether to put pots of flowers in the bedroom, taking into account all the energy of flowers and the proven facts that flowers can both contribute to our well-being, and worsen it, remains very important and urgent. The bedroom is a place where each of us intends to rest, gain strength and forget about existing problems for at least a couple of hours. Therefore, we still do not recommend overloading the bedroom with indoor plants. Also do not put pots of flowers at the head of the bed or at the feet. We also strongly advise you not to force the window sill of the bedroom with all sorts of colors.

Nevertheless, one should not lose sight of the fact that fresh flowers, such as roses, chrysanthemums or peonies in pots, will foment passion and imagination. By the way, peonies are an excellent variant of a houseplant for a young married couple. In general, from each rule there are exceptions, so the question of colors in the bedroom for each individual. So, a vase with a camellia or aloe does not damage the interior at all, nor the energy position in the room. Red camellia, for example, will help cope with sexual problems, and aloe will enrich the room with oxygen, absorbing carbon dioxide.

Flowers for the bedroom

As well as aloe, good "lungs" in your bedroom will be spathiphyllum, geranium and chlorophytum. In addition, they are also kind of filters that purify the air of harmful microorganisms and bacteria, while creating all conditions for a restful sleep. And a plant like dracaena helps to get rid of negative radiation from machinery. Therefore, if your bedroom is also a small office at the same time, dracaena is an indispensable resident of the room.

Agree that in any interior flowers can create an atmosphere of coziness, and in the bedroom - also help to escape from all worries. Pots with flowers are not recommended to be placed far from the window, since from the lack of light they will soon fade. Pick a place for flowers in your room in advance and, depending on your personal tastes and preferences, place your favorite peonies or chrysanthemums on the allocated bedside table or pedestal.

Flowers in the bedroom - a sound sleep

Of course, the flowers will require daily care, so that their appearance does not oppress you, but rather pleased and brought to a state of mild euphoria. To create a unique atmosphere in the bedroom, it is not at all necessary to overload the interior with all kinds of indoor plants. It will be enough to put a small flowerpot with a tea rose, bells or lily on the bedside table. In addition to beauty, the room will be filled with a light and pleasant floral aroma. Remember that any flower arrangement in the bedroom should be done in light colors, but do not neglect your tastes and desires.

If you want to bring in the bedroom notes of Japanese culture, then you can put small bonsai trees or pots with orchids in the corners of the room. Walls can be decorated with ikebans or compositions from dry twigs and fresh flowers. Another trend of the Japanese style was suspended glass vases of heavenly color, with vivid colors inside.

If your desire is not only to bring elegance to the interior of the bedroom, but also notes of exoticism, then safely place it in a wall pot or on a table of cattleya, phalaenopsis or kalatei. You can take care of additional lighting or lighting, which will highlight the composition, for example, from below and thereby illuminate the room with soft light and make it more spectacular. Cleverly selected flower arrangements for your bedroom with the delivery of flowers Kiev will not only create an original interior, but contribute to the manifestation of your secret desires and magical dreams.