Flowers = Happiness

Flowers = Happiness

The interaction of science and nature has led to one very interesting study. It was conducted with the aim of finding the connection between colors and the degree of satisfaction with life.

In the period of scientific technological progress and not a healthy lifestyle, there are many methods for suppressing stress and ill health. According to experts, the most effective way is physical exercise. But according to a recent study by professors at the University of New Jersey, nature gives us another effective and at the same time simple way to improve emotional health. And this, oddly enough, flowers.

Flowers = Happiness - flower delivery
Presence of flowers in any place leads to happy emotions of associates, strengthening of feeling of satisfaction with life, and also influences social behavior in a good sense.

According to the conducted experiments, Jeannette Jones (professor of psychology and leading researcher) found out that thanks to the colors people can control their mood every day. A team of specialists studied the relationship between colors and life satisfaction during the experiment for 10 months. The core of scientific experiments were the behavioral and emotional reactions of participants to receiving flowers. The results show that flowers are a powerful, natural and aesthetic source of human mood.

After the study, the professor made the following conclusions:

1. Flowers have a direct impact on human happiness. All participants of the study smiled sweetly and showed their joy at receiving flowers, showing gratitude and incredible delight. This reaction was universal and could be traced in all age groups. In order to make your soul mate really happy, order flowers with delivery in Kiev.

2. Flowers also have a long-term positive effect on mood. In particular, the study participants noted that they felt less depressed, anxious and exciting after receiving flowers, and showed the highest sense of satisfaction with life.

3. Flowers make us sociable and gracious. The presence of flowers in the apartment leads to increased communication with family and friends. Use the service delivery of bouquets around Kiev and give joy to relatives.

At the end of the flower experiment, the doctor said: "Now science has proved the theory that flowers make us happier. The main proof of this is the strong positive impact of flowers on our emotional well-being. "