What flowers to give | Gradation by the sign of the Zodiac

What flowers to give | Gradation by the sign of the Zodiac

When we choose someone as a gift for flowers, we often follow our personal preferences. Sometimes, we remember our favorite flowers and we are looking for them, less often - we recall the advice that flowers must necessarily correspond to sex, age and event, and even less know that flowers are selected as a gift in accordance with the sign of the person to whom they are intended.

In this article we will tell you about what flowers astrologers consider the most suitable for each sign of the Zodiac. And you already decide - it's true or not, comparing a horoscope with your preferences. Recall that you can order flowers with delivery on the zodiac sign here.

What flowers to give Aries

So, the first representative is Aries. This sign of the Zodiac is distinguished by its childlike naivety and openness to the world, narcissism and fearlessness. Astrologers advise giving such people violets, cornflowers, that is, such flowers that will help Aries open their heart chakra.

What to give to the sign of the Zodiac Taurus?

Taurus is a calm and balanced temperament, strong-willed character. If you bring such a person out of yourself - beware. After all, in case of irritation, the Taurus will destroy everything in its path. Such people are advised to present as a present lilies of the valley and lilacs - these flowers as nothing better can soften their heart.

What flowers do you want to give to Gemini?

The next sign of the zodiac is Gemini. In such people are always fighting two people. But, nevertheless, most of the representatives differ from other people by their quickness of mind, good sense of humor and gracefulness. In this case daffodils, jasmine or poppies - they will help to remember you about feelings of self-worth.

Bouquet of flowers to the sign of the Zodiac Cancer

The most gay and positive sign of the Zodiac is truly considered Cancer. Representatives of this group are always in the center of attention, but at the same time carefully hide their real emotions. Any white flowers will help raise this sign.

Color preferences for Zodiac Lеo

Probably, even without reading the characteristics of Lion, many will be able to properly characterize this sign. The proud and narcissistic representatives of this sign of the Zodiac like to be complacent, while always ready to protect themselves and their family in case of danger. Astrologers recommend giving such people peonies, chrysanthemums and marigolds - flowers that contribute to a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

Bouquet as a gift to the Virgins

Virgo - great criticism of other people's shortcomings, not noticing the flaws with the same painstakingness in their own character. In this case, people born under this sign of the Zodiac are very hardy, calm and true to their habits. To such natures astrologers advise to give asters of all kinds of colors that will help strengthen their romantic feelings.

What flowers do people like Zodiac Libra

Representatives of Libra always strive to achieve harmony in their own lives. These people are very friendly and friendly, love to work, but they can fall into a lazy state, from which they quite long come out and then start working again. This sign of the Zodiac is suitable for callas, daisies and phloxes, which promote the development of emotionality.

What to please Scorpio

Scorpions are true connoisseurs of their inner ego. Such people can be calculated from the eyes, they reflect a complete understanding of everything that happens around. These people never flatter, and when they make compliments - they say absolutely sincerely. This sign of the Zodiac astrologers are advised to give chrysanthemums, carnations or peonies of bright color - these flowers will help enhance sensuality and soften the character of Scorpios.

Flowers to Sagittarius

Sagittarians are distinguished by the directness of their sayings, naivety towards the outside world and the sincerity of their thoughts and feelings. They do not always understand why they are offended and angry, because everything that was said by them is true. Such people are recommended to present as a gift lilacs, roses, blue cornflowers or tulips, which will have a beneficial effect on their intellect.

What flowers to give Capricorn

Capricorns go through life to their goal step by step, not often they can be distinguished in the crowd. At the same time such people have the ability to express their discontent sharply and directly, not paying attention to the feelings of others. This zodiac sign is perfect for any terry flowers with a strong scent. Such flowers can strengthen the romantic side of Capricorn, make them responsible in love.

Gift of Aquarius

Representatives of the sign of the Zodiac - Aquarius - calm and balanced nature. At the same time, such people have a special attitude towards others: they seem to live in their own world and like to surprise with unusual actions. Astrologers recommend donating daffodils, tulips and any other bulbous plants that will help make a quick and correct decision in any problem situation.

What to give to people who have the sign of the Zodiac Pisces

Pisces are accustomed to swim in the course of life, they are indifferent to the opinion of others and, in the main, creative people. Such people will come with forget-me-nots, violets or any wild flowers gathered in a bouquet. These flowers will help strengthen the will and make Pisces more honest and truthful.