Home greenhouse

Home greenhouse

Collecting flowers is a fascinating hobby

Someone collects plates from different countries, someone - magnets on the fridge, some beautiful people or cats, and someone - fresh flowers. What can you do when, in fact, collecting flowers is your hobby? When you are so interested to watch how a new plant is filled with life, growth and light, when it thanks you for careful care with beautiful flowering and aroma, then you will never want to part with such a hobby!

If your love of flowers is as strong as ours, did not you ask yourself a question - why not create your own greenhouse at home? We asked ourselves about it and decided - why not! Having a huge desire, a little money and free time, even in the tiniest room, this is quite realistic.

What do you need to create a home greenhouse?

Called to help gardeners and flower lovers, based on the developments of modern technologists, more recently, various miniature home greenhouses with fully automated processes have been developed. Such installations are able to help you achieve the maximum result in the process of growing flowers at the minimum cost of your precious personal time. In any case, it is worth remembering that the main factor of plant growth and development is your love for them.

Before the direct organization of the home greenhouse, you should carefully consider what exactly you want to grow, in what quantity, and also - to become acquainted with the minimum instructions on the cultivation of plants in the home. We agree that planting is a very treacherous and painstaking work, but believe me, its results will not make you wait long and will give you much more than you gave!

Creating a home greenhouse

We will tell you how to create a home greenhouse on your balcony. At the first stage, you should choose pots and flowerpots in which flowers will be planted. To create a larger space, you can make special removals, pendant pots or wicker baskets. Remember that such elements will require special care, since getting rainfall, direct sunlight will complicate the development of any plant.

It is very important to understand on which side the balcony windows come out, how long the sun's rays illuminate the balcony and so on. After this, you can make a list of desired plants. For example, on the sunny side, it is ideal to place cacti, daisies, phlox. And on the north - forget-me-nots, zebrin and tobacco.

In fact, a greenhouse can be done in any other room, or even all at once, by placing flower pots throughout the apartment. In addition to meeting your emotional needs for flowers, they will still perform the role of an excellent decor and can create a unique atmosphere.

For example, climbing plants can be hung in the corners of the room. The unpretentious fern, which symbolizes wealth and prosperity, is also worth placing in a corner. Along one wall, and even better - directly on it, you can hang up beautiful pots with large flowering plants. Thus, they will not interfere with other plants, and attract the eye, since they are located at eye level.

Do not forget that only the love of colors, patience and ability to wait, will be able to help you to equip your house, while creating an eternal summer atmosphere. In such a greenhouse you will forget about what despondency and autumn melancholy, winter frosts and lonely evenings. At one glance at your favorite flower pet, the mood will rise, this will be enough to remind you of the beautiful days and moments of your life. At the same time, your room will always be filled with freshness and a pleasant light aroma of flowers. Try, experiment and enjoy the beauty around you!