Heraldic flowers

Heraldic flowers

Among the variety of colors that surround us in everyday life, distinguish such specific species as heraldic flowers. They have become the state symbols of many countries. In this article we will try to tell you more about such heraldic flowers as rose, lily and chrysanthemum.

Rose appeared on the expanses of Europe in the distant 1270. Initially, Count Tibold IV Champagne brought her to France, and only then this noble flower appeared in England. Representatives of the royal house of Lancaster immediately fell in love with a luxurious red rose and immediately made it their emblem. The descendants of the York dynasty also could not resist the magic of this wonderful flower and acted in the same way as their predecessors, they only chose a white rose. You can buy roses in Kiev with the help of our flower shop.

Rose became so popular among European nobles that the government had to introduce a restriction on the use of the image of roses in its arms. Thus, only representatives of royal houses on their arms could have images of wreaths or garlands of many roses, while ordinary noblemen could use only single flowers. It's good that today there is no such strict restriction, and you can give, buy and use for your own purposes these beautiful flowers in any quantity!

The next no less popular heraldic flower is the lily, which won the hearts of many French people. The most famous use of this flower was the triad of lilies of the royal Bourbon dynasty. During the 200 years of the reign of this dynasty, France was literally strewn with symbols, images and emblems of lilies on different arms, fabrics, banners and standards. There is even the opinion that the royal lily in France is not a lily, but an older stylized symbol of iris.

Chrysanthemum - it would seem, the usual form of a flower, but also became heraldic and found its place on the imperial press in Japan. As you know, this is a country in which the state coat of arms has been abolished at the state level, but there is an imperial seal, where the chrysanthemum is imprinted. The Japanese chose the yellow color of the image of this flower for no reason, which is symbolized by the sun. Until today, the Japanese, adherents of ancient traditions use this flower when decorating parliamentary premises. Flowers delivery to Kiev - fresh chrysanthemums with delivery to the house!

There are many other colors that are used in heraldry and all of them are inherently created in order to please you with their beauty!