Chrysanthemum - a gift of the sun

Chrysanthemum - a gift of the sun

Beginning in July and until late autumn, almost to the first frosts, the florists delight their restrained beauty with these noble, with a bitterish-cool smell, flowers. They are quite diverse in color, in the size of the buds, in the height of the stems and even in the number of buds on the stem

The culture of growing chrysanthemums originated about 3 thousand years ago in China. In the Celestial Empire, these flowers were planted in pots and symbolized fidelity, and in addition honor, dignity, high position in society. The members of the imperial family had the right to wear clothes with the image of chrysanthemum on it.

Then, together with Buddhism in the VI century, the tradition of chrysanthemum breeding came to the Land of the Rising Sun. It is here that they developed a special culture of growing chrysanthemums, giving it a unique and unique style and sophistication. According to legend, the sun's rays fell to the ground, spilled into sparks. And in those places rose beautiful golden flowers with thin, like sunbeams, petals. After all, "chrysanthemum" is translated as "golden-colored". Therefore in Japan the chrysanthemum is called the flower of the Sun. Till now they are decorated with gardens at temples. This favorite flower for the Japanese is a symbol of longevity, prosperity and friendship, and has firmly entered the national culture. His image flaunts on the arms of the country, and the main award of the state is the Order of Chrysanthemum.

This beautiful flower has taken root not only in China and Japan, but also in countries of southeast Asia - Korea and Vietnam, where it became a symbol of purity of thoughts, clarity of mind and wisdom. In Europe, the plant was imported in the XVII century, and in the XIX century it appeared in Russia. And the delivery of flowers across Kiev will help you buy chrysanthemums in Ukraine.

And as a result of the skillful work of breeders, a huge number of varieties have emerged that inspire florists with the variety and brightness of colors to create interesting bouquets and compositions. Specialists from different countries count from 10 to 15 classes of chrysanthemums, which in turn are divided into varieties depending on the size and shade of the flower, the height of the bush and the timing of flowering.

The bouquet of chrysanthemums will be a perfect addition to the gift for any celebration. Because of the size of the bud, the flowers of the chrysanthemum can be small, medium or even large, which gives additional options for composing an ideal composition.

And a little advice. Cut chrysanthemums will remain fresh for a very long time if, before putting them in a vase of clean water, remove all the leaves from the bottom of the stem. And, if you change the water daily, then extend your enjoyment with the unique, slightly astringent scent of this sun flower.