Exotic flowers: eustoma, strelitzia, alstroemeria

Exotic flowers: eustoma, strelitzia, alstroemeria

What you need to know about flowers?

Sometimes I want to add bright colors to the lives of my loved ones, give them a charge of positive emotions, surprise them! The question arises: "How?"

The answer is simple - try to surprise them with exotic flowers. Such flowers certainly will not leave them indifferent.

What exotic flowers to choose?

In addition to the quivering exotic flowers, which we described in detail to you in the previous article, you can choose the extraordinary eustoma, majestic strelitzia, unusually bright alstroemeria.

For many of the floristic terms listed above, only one is known - "alstroemeria". Indeed, it so happened that among all the exotic flowers, this flower became the most popular and familiar to everyone, so it does not even need a detailed description. But probably for these reasons, he lost his exotic and unusual. Alstroemeria flowers can be called universal. After all, they can become a wonderful gift not only for a woman, but for a man. The peculiarity of these flowers is that for those who suffer from allergies to various harsh floral scents, alstroemerias are a real salvation, because they do not have the aroma.

The eustoms. What is behind this name?

The eustoma (lisianthus) comes from the islands of the Caribbean Sea. These are blue flowers of different shades. And eustoms of white, red, yellow, pink and purple hues are artificially derived.

In addition to using in bouquets, eustoma are also grown at home as an ornamental plant.

In lush bouquets, gentle and touching eustoma very resemble buds of roses.

Surprisingly elegant flowers eustoma look great both in the form of a full-fledged independent bouquet, and as a harmonious complement of other floral compositions.

Indeed, the flowers eustom bring to the bouquet to other colors a certain ef fi ciency, airiness and sensuality.

Recently, brides have become more and more often give their preference to wedding bouquets of lush white eust, which convey the fragility, beauty and tenderness of the image of the bride.

A variety of colors by eustom, a huge number of forms make it possible to pick up an exquisite composition and become an elegant decoration for every happy moment of your life.

"Birds of Paradise"

Probably the most tropical of the entire list of exotic flowers presented above are strelitzia. These are unusually bright, tropical flowers, which bear a second name - "birds of paradise".

Indeed, this flower has a resemblance to the birds of paradise because of its color and shape.

Strelitzia is an evergreen exotic plant with an amazing form of flowers bright orange shades.

What bouquets can be created?

Florists use this flower to create vertical compositions. Such flowers look luxuriously without any floral additions, most often they are decorated only with greens. Bouquets with these colors are always very unusual and colorful, but still retain their style and dynamism. Such bouquets can be given to men, they will become a very stylish decoration and a bright gift for the birthday or due to promotion.

Which is not unimportant, the strelitzes are not fastidious. They are quite resistant, but are available all year round! In the bouquet, these flowers will remain fresh and colorful for several weeks.

Just quite often, recently in bouquets of fruits, several flowers of strelitzia are used to add exoticism and make a fruit bouquet spectacular.