Energy colors

Energy colors

There are flowers that carry a positive and good energy, but there are also those that are considered harmful to human health and carry a negative in our daily life. To believe in it or not is a private matter for everyone, but still it will be interesting to read about it to everyone.

Perhaps, we will start with such flowers that are charged with good energy: geranium, cactus, ficus, Tradescantia. In most Ukrainian and Russian homes, it is customary to grow geranium, which has its anesthetic properties. There is an opinion that this flower cleans the premises very well, the air becomes fresh and filled with a specific but pleasant aroma. In this case, red geranium is especially useful.

Such unpretentious plants like cacti are also very good at absorbing negative energy. Many people know that it is these flowers that must be placed near different equipment, tk. they absorb negative radiation, which is harmful to the human body.

In recent years, more and more popular has been the cultivation of ficus in his home. This flower became especially famous after the movie "Leon Killer", where the main character with special love and care took care of his home plant - ficus. And it's no accident, because this flower creates an atmosphere of stability and removes irritation. If you pat a smooth ficus leaf, they say that such a peculiar ritual will lift your spirits. Check it out! We can deliver flowers to Kiev - even ficus.

Those who like to decorate their house with a lot of indoor plants, pay special attention to Tradescantia - an unpretentious flower that does not require special care, but is a good reflector of the energy situation in your home. If there are often quarrels and scandals in the house, this flower loses its vitality: it becomes stunted, the leaves turn yellow and fade. With good relations between households, Tradescantia comes to life: the leaves of this flower become sturdy and have a brilliant green color.

As for such flowers, which are harmful to human health and take away positive energy, here it is necessary to say about the monster - climbing vine, which has large wiry leaves and a lot of air roots. Florists do not advise to keep this flower at home, tk. at night, the monster emits a large amount of carbon dioxide and clots of negative energy into the air. This effect disturbs sleep and makes the air very "heavy".

It is also not advised to grow cypress at home. In ancient times this flower was called the "tree of death". He, like a thuja, brings a heavy energy into the house. Such plants are best planted in private plots, but necessarily in combination with other flowers