What is the dream of flowers | Dream Interpretive

What is the dream of flowers | Dream Interpretive

Live flowers are always a symbol of life, harmony, feelings of happiness and contentment. Most often, a dream in which flowers are present can be seen before an important and good event in your life. After him, you can safely expect a tide of luck and pleasure. In this article, we will try to explain to you the most frequent dreams, in which beautiful flowers are present.

Flowers are a symbol of rapid changes in life, joy and love. In a dream, they report on already existing, or upcoming events in the life of a sleeping person. They can signify both forthcoming joy and sorrow. The process of flowering flowers, as a rule, means the future prosperity of your affairs in real life. Field flowers signify joy and luck. Room flowers speak of the state of joy or sadness in your family, as well as the relationships between household members. In general, fading or artificial flowers indicate a further deterioration of affairs and relations, as well as the approaching sadness.

The most general interpretation of colors in a dream is a symbol of beauty and flowering. A particularly good sign is seen in a dream of white or red flowers, they promise you happiness and joy. If you collect flowers, expect a joyful event in the near future. Tear off the flower - you will find a new friend or get what you have been waiting for. Seeing a bouquet of flowers means happiness in a loving relationship.

If you are surrounded by a large number of bouquets of fresh flowers - in life around you are nice and right people. Bright and rich colors in the dream predict a new approaching meeting, perhaps, a romantic and new acquisitions. Blossoming flowers signify to you the possibility of increasing your own fortune and earning a profit.

The dream in which you plant flowers in your garden means that soon you will make a very wise and correct act. When watering them - wait for happiness in your home. If you weave a wreath of torn wild flowers - expect to meet your love, with which you will have a happy future and a strong family. In the event that in a dream you receive a bouquet of fresh flowers (for girls) as a gift, a dream broadcasts about a large number of your fans in life. And in order to receive a bouquet of flowers in real life, use our flower delivery service Kiev BuketLand.

As in real life, and in a dream, each kind of flowers carries a certain meaning. For example, the periwinkle tells you about the sincerity and devotion of your friends. Vasilek - expect spiritual changes. Hyacinth signifies happiness in love and approaching joy. Jasmine - soon you will be invited to a romantic date. Obesity - a quick marriage with a loved one. Clover, poppy and reeds promise joy and happiness. Large burdocks indicate the approaching care and attention from a person you do not consider your friend. Lily-of-the-valley - affection for man. To dream of moss or hops means further enrichment and success in business. Sunflowers will talk about significant success, even if you yourself it will seem insignificant. Violet shows your faithfulness in love. Chicory - approaching fun.

In addition to all these meanings, flowers can also indicate unpleasant events. So, not a good sign is the case when you sniff flowers in a dream. In this case, you are expected to lose in life, relating to your personal affairs and even close people. Withered flowers signify the approach of the disease, so you should pay attention to your health. A bouquet in which the flowers lost their rich color and began to fade, speaks of the cold in relations with the beloved person. If in a dream you get a gift of artificial flowers, then it symbolizes the approaching danger for your life or a person close to you. Burning flowers means experiencing an irresistible desire to break the current relationship in life and start everything from scratch.

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