How to give flowers correctly

How to give flowers correctly

Flowers - one of the most pleasant and long-awaited things that a girl will always be happy to see. Many men, carrying out their duty to present the girls with joy, often can not decide which flowers to present or what bouquet to choose for the beloved. Therefore, in this article, we will consider all possible options for presenting a bouquet of flowers for any holidays and answer the question "how to choose the right bouquet" after all?

On the birthday of any woman you should give her favorite flowers. Each girl has her own preferences about flowers. Some like roses, other chrysanthemums, third alstroemeria and so on. So before the next holiday, you need to definitely figure out how the girl relates to these or other flowers. And if there is no way to know that the girl likes, then you should find out what she does not like. Agree, to give a birthday or 8 March flowers that can spoil the holiday, not very fun.

Nowadays, there are many rules of standard etiquette. Of course, they apply to the gift of bouquets too. Below are the most common opinions and rules of conduct in relation to the choice of flowers as a gift.

• Young girls need to give light bouquets. It can be white roses, pink gerberas, cream chrysanthemums or any other light colored flowers. Women on the older, in turn, are well suited for a more saturated tone. For example, burgundy, yellow or blue. Buy a bouquet in Kiev for your girlfriend or your beloved wife with the help of the flower delivery service in Kiev. Order flowers from the company Buket Land and give happiness to your loved one.

• If you are going to give a bouquet to a man, you should pay attention to the size of the buds. Men are right to give flowers of large size with large buds. For this, there are the following types of flowers: anthurium, eremurus, calla, single-headed chrysanthemum. Elegant single-headed chrysanthemums, collected in a bouquet, order from us. Delivery of bouquets in Kiev is free.

• The shape of the bouquet plays an important role. A bouquet of flowers for women can be collected in any form. Trust the fantasies of florists and they will all perform at the highest level. A bouquet for men should be decorated strictly in a triangular pyramidal shape.

• When it comes to congratulations on the anniversary, your gift should look chic. In order to make an unforgettable impression on the originator of the celebration, give him a luxurious bouquet of 101 roses. Believe me, the pleasant surprise and memory of this event for the rest of your life are guaranteed!